Something bad today I see in the Zoo!
Something bad today I see in the Zoo!
Something bad today I see in the Zoo!. Member reactions:
You can borrow glasses for yours. I think glasses will be available after monkey meeting with leopard.
Fantastic job of leopard reflections. Congrats on Wood, Wanderer
Thank you, everyone. See you next contest.

Funny The Bad Catch

The Bad Catch
Full view for more details..
Member reactions:
Yikes. Two terms will do that to you everytime. devolution...
Excellent necro work. Warming up for Halloween.
Mind-Blowing Great. Phenomenal piece of work.
I didn't recognize him at first sigt...then I saw is ears.... Great caricature.
Congrats on the silver canine,your work is always awesome
Simply excellent. I did not think I had a chance at gold with this one in the mix. I guess they are both gold... I am enthralled at the great necro effects on the skin. You got it to look so dead and wax like... yikes . Save some of that up for a holloween chop. I definitely want to see more of this sort. Congrats on the cup... You are a master, sir
Congratulations my friend SilverC....Keep producing more like this one and you'll be raking in the Gold trophies left and right.
Creativity Plus, congrats on the Silver, SilverC.. You have captured Obama's inner-self perfectly..
Congrats on the silver silvercanine Freaky.


Member reactions:
Great Job. Very,Very Funny. Yikes. Now I can't the theme song out of my head.
How do I get rid of that theme song in my head..
You could have much worse music rattling in your noggin. I keep humming the jazz music from the Super Market
may I suggest the Llama song.

Funny BREAKING BAD (original view please).

BREAKING BAD (original view please).
Member reactions:
yeah man.... my fave series.. Awesome chop.....
Doing well matey... I just got my Diploma in Digital Media.. It all started here at FN, a few years ago now, but , life changing stuff..... I have learnt so much from all of you in such a short time... Its great...
magnifico Always great to see something new from you, "hidden author"
Breathtaking work. One minor thing - there is some blurriness on the Walter's cheek and jaw below the mustache. It stands out a bit because the rest of the face and picture is done sharply
Congrats on the Gold RickyT . I noticed the same thing Newsy did thought maybe it was smoke he was puffing out. As he said, a very minor thing. Great work .
The gritty style matches the subject matter perfectly. Very nice indeed.
Congrats on the gold, Ricky. Welcome baaaack.

Funny Bad Moon Rising

Bad Moon Rising
Member reactions:
Clever thinking. There is an evident sea waves replication tha could be easily correct.
Terrifying. Good job on waves overtaking roads.

Funny Bad Trip

Bad Trip

Funny Not so bad

Not so bad
Member reactions:
Good blend from chin to under nose. Great work on the nose itself. Funny source. Good job.

Funny Hillary and Her Bad Grumpy Cat

Hillary and Her Bad Grumpy Cat
Member reactions:
Nice. I would decrease yellow and dimension of her face
What Luciano said but man, this is really good

Funny Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad
Walter White form AMC's Breaking Bad
Member reactions:
Great job, but the tagging is really excessive
Fine work. Top 5 in this group it pretty darn good

Funny Bad dream

Bad dream
If the picture is offensive please remove
Member reactions:
Im-freaking-pressive. Hope no bears were hurt while making this chop
Like this a lot. I'd add some stuffing to the head "hole," on the body, swing seat and on the floor next to the head. I think it would add to the effect.
This week unfortunately I'm not home and do not have access to pictures that are enrolled in the contest

Funny Bad Christmas Gifts

Bad Christmas Gifts
At sometime or another, all of us have received bad Christmas presents. These could be a pair of socks hand knitted by Aunt Mary or your adult son's gift of a lock de-icer with batteries included. No matter what it was, we'll never forget them. In this contest you are asked to create bad Christmas gifts any way you like.

Funny Bad Puns

Bad Puns
The pun, is a form of word play which suggests two or more meanings, by exploiting multiple meanings of words, or of similar-sounding words, for an intended humorous or rhetorical effect. Some examples are: "Julius Sees Her", "The Lesser of Two Weevils", "Turkey Dressing", "Ham Grenade", and others. Puns existed in all the languages pretty much since the origin of speech. Puns found in ancient Egypt and ancient Iraq go back as far as 2500 BC. The Maya are known for having used puns in their hieroglyphic writing, and for using them in their modern languages. Which only proves that Mayans were so punny people! Photoshop any phrases/expressions using known puns, or create your own. Here's a good example - poultry in motion. Many thanks to LunaC for the contest concept.

Funny Bad Christmas Gifts

Bad Christmas Gifts
Bad Christmas gifts are something we all have received at one time or another. Maybe it was a pair of hand knitted socks from your Aunt Gladys or a battery powered lock de-icer from your 31 year old son. Whatever it was, we all remember them. In this contest you are asked to create bad Christmas gifts any way you like. E.g. electric powered rubber ducky bath toy or junior lasik surgery kit, etc.

Funny Bad Toys

Bad Toys
U.S. and Japan are tightening toy safety standards after numerous incidents with toys imported from China showing harmful levels of lead found in stuffed toys and toy cars. Under the new laws in both Japan and U.S., when companies import toys, they will need to submit a toy inspection safety certificate, and sampling inspections will be regularly conducted. Photoshop toys which are bad in one way or another and have the adverse effect on morals or health, etc. You are welcome to change the existing toy or design the new ones. The toys must be for kids and babies, and not adults. Here's a good good example.

Funny Bad Luck

Bad Luck
Today is Friday the 13th, - the day associated with the numerous superstitions of bad luck. Tell me if this is weird - this Friday the 13th comes just six days after the luckiest day of the century. In the 1800's the fear of bad luck on "Black Friday" was so strong that a British insurance company Lloyds of London refused to insure any ship leaving a port on a Friday the 13th. Show how bad luck could change the lives of celebrities and politicians, or any people, as well as companies, and countries. Consider this contest a reverse of good luck contest we had last week.

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