Bad Mrs. Claus 2020
Bad Mrs. Claus 2020
Bad Mrs. Claus 2020. Member reactions:
crafty, You shouldn't call Hillary that name.

Funny Al Franken's Bad Ancestor

 Al Franken's Bad Ancestor
Looks like he Inherit, the Touching.
Member reactions:
Congrats, Hobbit. It was my favourite in the contest.

Funny Bad Day All Around Hong Kong Harbor

Bad Day All Around  Hong Kong Harbor
Member reactions:
The assassin looks like he has a chopped off hand.

Funny Frederica Wilson, You Been Bad

Frederica Wilson, You Been Bad

Funny Small Head, Bad Brain

Small Head, Bad Brain
Member reactions:
Glad Wacky Wilson made the cut. Very well planned and executed Hobbit, congrats on the Silver.
Thanks, Wanderer, Gummy, MsgtBob and Thanks a lot UncleChamp.
Congrats on the win, Hobbit. Wonderful image concept.

Funny Burger Gone Bad

Burger Gone Bad
When a Lab Grown Burger goes bad, it's best to burn the evidence
Member reactions:
Done well ewww
Thanks Kelly It started out such a nice looking burger
Thanks FreakMaster, tweaked it with a little extra fire to get the job done
I don't want Burger. Thank you very much. But added it to +favs.
Don't blame you Wanderer, Burger bites back Much obliged for the Faving, very nice of you.
How many calories does this bad boy have. I'm asking for a friend.
Ha good question Steve, I would guess a couple of week's worth.

Funny bad bear

bad bear

Funny bad hair

bad hair

Funny No presents for bad kids this year!

No presents for bad kids this year!
Member reactions:
Two point. Obama's hat and Trump's hat has no shadows and Putin's hand look very tanned.

Funny A really bad year

A really bad year
Celebrity deaths in 2016 It'a never ending year, I have to add Michele Morgan George Michael Rick Parfitt ..... what a bad 2016 .
Member reactions:
suggest adding a part 2 to this, since even more celebs have died recently

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