Canadian Bacon
Canadian Bacon
Canadian Bacon.

Funny Quarter Piunder with cheese and bacon

Quarter Piunder with cheese and bacon
Member reactions:
Totally agree with Hobbit, this is Fantastic. A favorite for me. Excellent Vicspa.

Funny Edible Bacon Contouring

Edible Bacon Contouring
ALL NATURAL EDIBLE BACON & BROWN SUGAR CONTOURING CREAM.. Your face will look absolutely yummy with this spreadable and edible face cream, that is, if you don't eat it all first..

Funny Bacon and Kim

Bacon and Kim
Member reactions:
For all the egg heads I've seen, this is towards the top.

Funny Cholafied Kevin Bacon

Cholafied Kevin Bacon
It's not YOLO. It's KBOLO. There are never six degrees of separation between Kevin Bacon and the hottest styz rockin' the runway. Bacon is HOT HOT HOT in Cholawear.
Member reactions:
One of my favorite chops in the contest. The face makeup and the tattoos are done so cleanly it looks like a real photo. Hats off.
Congrats on top 5 OllieR My favorite in the contest. I almost used that same bandana
grats on the top 5. humm,,, name sound familiar.
Ollier, perfect work. Congrats first 5th.

Funny Barack Obama Slicing Canadian Bacon

Barack Obama Slicing Canadian Bacon
Canadian Bacon For The White House
Member reactions:
It's Mental, it's Mind-Blowing, it's Magnificent
Hahahahah everytime I see this Obama face I frikkin' howl.. Hilarious.

Funny Kevin Bacon Being Swallowed By a Spice Worm

Kevin Bacon Being Swallowed By a Spice Worm
Member reactions:
very funny, get out and put the hammer in

Funny Detective Arnold Bacon the Pig

Detective Arnold Bacon the Pig
I say, when was it you last saw the missing truffles . . . Please view in Hi-Res source photo
Member reactions:
Thank you kindly to everyone, for your votes and comments . . . truly appreciated . . . I finally caught that bright, elusive 2nd trophy of Gold.
Love the Pig Gtrmoonshop , Big Congrats ....
Hey, that detective found hidden gold. Congrats on the win, grt - truly amazing photo realistic work.
Thanks berdulano, Sunshin3, Chili, and Newsy . . . much appreciated. Just wanted to clarify the moniker . . . it's QTRMOONSHOP with a "Q" . . . qtrmoon is short for, quarter moon . . .

Funny Kevin Bacon Pig

Kevin Bacon Pig
Member reactions:
LoL this works well

Funny Kevin Bacon the Butcher

Kevin Bacon the Butcher

Funny Kevin Bacon

Kevin Bacon
American actor Kevin Bacon celebrates his 50th birthday today. While Bacon never won any Academy Awards, he's given us many wonderful performances including his roles in Footloose, Animal House, Wild Things, Apollo 13, The Woodsman, Mystic River, and JFK. Bacon is also quite active in music and has been playing music with his brother Michael since they were teenagers. In 1995, they even formed a band called "The Bacon Brothers" and released four albums. To celebrate the 50th birthday of Kevin Bacon photoshop him any way you wish. Some examples include: showing what other movies Bacon could have played in, what alternative careers he could have chosen, showing Bacon in his older days, Kevin Bacon in paintings and works of art, etc. These are just some ideas.

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