Kate Backinsale the Zombie
Kate Backinsale the Zombie
Kate Backinsale the Zombie. Shhhhhhh...
Member reactions:
Get her a 55 gallon drum of Clearasil. Great work.
My favorite, Tom. Beautiful detail. Or should I say Ugly detail.
Top notch zombie if I've ever seen one, well I've never really seen one, but I'm sure this is exactly what I'd expect.
Tom strikes again - he found a beauty in the beast. Stunning work, congratulations on the bronze.
I keep seeing the thumb on the home page & every time I'm still loving this
Thanks everyone. Well, I couldn't miss this contest... Though I made the last zombification 2 years ago, I still love this stuff. If you want to see more zombies I recommend you the Zombiewood series on Worth1000.

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