Back from 60th
Back from 60th
Back from 60th. Back from 60th

Funny Go back...

Go back...
Trump tells congresswomen: Go back where you came from
Member reactions:
I guess that means that AOC goes back to being a bartender.
Good but would not recognize this as the Donald without the presidential seal.
Stunning visual, Mr Assad, but lack of Trump recognition hurt

Funny Tiger's Back

Tiger's Back
Member reactions:
Excellent idea, great motive and well finished, congrats on deserve gold
Thanks Reggie, eduen and HoHouse appreciate the votes fellow choppers 😎🍻
Congrats on the well deserved win. First time this year I gave a 10, I think. Very well detailed excecution.
Thanks Craftlord high praise indeed. Cheers Bob and Robin. 🍻
Marvelous Chopp'n, Cos. Congrats on the Win.
Thanks Splat and Manos 😎👍🏼

Funny Hillary back in the Race

Hillary back in the Race
Her bags are packed and she ready to go,but there is the question.

Funny Back To Baking Cookies

Back To Baking Cookies
Member reactions:
, i could used some of them, with some milk.....

Funny Back to Nature

Back to Nature
He musta go lost on his way home from Woodstock.
Member reactions:
He knew that was a good Time Period, can't Blame him for staying there, Good One. Congrats.
Brilliant, camouflage man sneaks up on ya. Bronze Congrats LunaC.
This one has grab and lot's of it. Congrats on grabbing a cup..

Funny Can Things Get Back To Normal?

Can Things Get Back To Normal?
Member reactions:
Outstanding book themed OOB with tons of interest, by the Master of OOB. Top five Hobbit.
I thought this coulda taken the top spot. Congrats on a fantastic image, Hobbit.

Funny Broke Back Droid

Broke Back Droid
Member reactions:
Yikes. I can only image what's happening Out Of Frame Below.

Funny Star Wars' Back From Beyond Thunderdome

Star Wars' Back From Beyond Thunderdome
☺ "Images" ☺
Member reactions:
Me too, Gummy. Bet has something to do with those 💲3.2 million legs. 👢
Clean up on FN aisles #1 and #4, job well done.
Thank you kindly Luna, Reggie, Gummy, Bob and HH.😆 Thanks HH. I lost a few hours sleep on this one.
A well deserved Gold for the hours of work transforming "images" into a masterpiece.
Thanks Andrew, DD, and Reggie. Yep, I get into these things, look up and wonder where the time has gone. I am Happy it paid off. 💰 Thanks guys.
Very good chop, Congrats on your two wins, way to go.

Funny Back to my Roots

Back to my Roots

Funny Back to the Future

Back to the Future
Even if you never watched the Back to the Future franchise, there's so much buzz about it today that you likely know that October 21, 2015 is the day Marty McFly and Doc Brown traveled to (in BTTF 2 in 1989). So, is the future anywhere like the movie predicted? One thing is made real thanks to Nike - self-lacing Nikes. One pair was sent today to Michael J. Fox. They will sell to the public starting spring 2016. Photoshop anything related to the Back to the Future franchise. Some examples are - design a BTTF sequel, mix it with some other movies, put the BTTF characters in real life, paintings, or other movies. Many thanks to OllieR for the contest suggestion.

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