Obama one day back from vacation
Obama one day back from vacation
Obama one day back from vacation. Member reactions:
Great job... all leaders together...Biden poor guy
Thank Rajesh. Both Biden and MacCain are in trouble in this situation because they have solid opinion about Putin
Surprise for him. me too. Great job done.
Congrads on the Silver cup. Always entertaining.
Full of fun stuff Andrew. Congrats on the silver.
In order to make it believable you should drop Hillary's pancakes to the bellybutton level...

Funny Snailing Back

Snailing Back
American Football Running back
Member reactions:
Thank you, a pleasant surprise. Appreciate it Hobbit, Layers. Balodiya, Luciano, Steve, Bob and Gummy.

Funny Be glad to see the backs of...

Be glad to see the backs of...

Funny Way Back When

Way Back When
Member reactions:
I can see the protestors picketing outside your house any minute hahahahahaha. Great job.
In the world of Democrats this rates right up there with drawing a cartoon of Mohammad.
Nice one. You should try color match on her face, to better blend in with the new body.
I thought this had podium all over it. But there are a lot of good chops in the mix. This contest was a little hard to judge
Like Hitster said I thought so too. That's why I was cutting up with you about it.

Funny Back in The USSR

Back in The USSR
Last bonkers from the Soviet Union or everyone wants eat well
Member reactions:
As The Beatles were singing "Back in The USSR".
Looks like a one legged man pushing a wheelchair hahahahaa . Lots of fun stuff Andrew
great effort. lots of details. the lighting comes from different places though. it is usually the first thing i try to match when looking for pics.
Thank you, Hitspinner and Jeremix. Lighting I even did not review in my works. Excellent advise.

Funny IRS Beheads Willie Nelson For Back Taxes

IRS Beheads Willie Nelson For Back Taxes
And my advice to those who die. Declare the pennies on your eyes. - George Harrison
Member reactions:
Neat and Clean Nice things placed all over the place
Could be the winner, but the blurry face doesn't match the body posture. Guillotine has a perspective problem and shadows need some improvement. Pity.
Lots of work here. I would adjust the face color a bit to match the hands. Love the quote you chose by George Harrison.
Congrats, Swashbuckle. Can I borrow guillotine from your picture.

Funny Vladimir is back!

Vladimir is back!
Vladimir Putin is back. Where was he. Perhaps he was mentored by his predecessors.
Member reactions:
Great work on caricatures and love black n white / color blend.
Congrats on the Silver Hobbesart. Nice job
Welcome style. Good lookin art and congrats on the cup
Congrats on the silver, Hobbesart. Great political comedy.

Funny Step On A Crack,Break Your Mother's Back

Step On A Crack,Break Your Mother's Back
Ohhh George.



Funny Oscar Winner back home

Oscar Winner back home
Member reactions:
Congratulations Andrew. Love the eye and the cigar.
Congrats, I figured this one would place high.

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