The Simpsons Strike Back
The Simpsons Strike Back
The Simpsons Strike Back. I based this on an image that graced the cover of Star Wars Insider many years ago. here I noticed a few things that I though could use some improvement/correcting.. not limited to but including putting Bart in the correct costume for the environment. And adding in the Emperor behind them. Obviously it HAD to be Mr. Burns. All characters are assembled from dozens of sources. I'll try to do a Work in progress animation later to show all the bits and pieces. I did build homer's head a while back, but never incorporated him into anything. Seemed like the perfect piece to use here. Please view full to see all the details. I made a making of Work in Progress here And leave a comment let me know what you think. Thanks.
Member reactions:
pretty cool. mr Burns fits perfectly to the part. maybe it would look better with some degraining.
Oh boy, this is bloody brilliant. Great job bringing to life Star Wars Insider cover.
the grain was a stylistic choice. I find it ties the room together.
. A lot of work went into this. You did a great job.
Impressive build from your reference. Nice Homer's mask too. Personally, I would have given Homer's eye area more the look of a dark reflective sunshade lens. I am a huge fan of textures to bring the elements together. But in this case I have to agree with Jere. In the large view the grain is just a bit too heavy. One super image, None the less.
Very well done, though I hv seen homers head used by u at w1k
Yup, used that as the starting point, modified the neck , angle and lighting to incorporate into the new image.
I made a making of Work in Progress here
Congratulations on the win, HOAT. Thanks. I enjoyed the WIP.
Congrats on the Gold, HOAT. Appreicate the wip, tons of awesome work.
Congrats on the gold, HOAT. Love the WIP.

Funny BACK OFF!!!

Yosemite Sam--Created from scratch. Click link below for layer build... WIP
Member reactions:
I love it. Here you go, a golden gift. Add these to your ammo box. Vital for replacing lost hair in the masking process. Pretty nice job. One of my favorite cartoon whackies Nice wip, wish I knew how to make one. I can make a regular movie....but that is not the same. Cheers
Very interesting to watch layer build. Good work.
Excellent execution. One thing.....hat texture looks strange to me.
Freaking brilliant. Thanks for posting the WIP too.
Congrats LunaC. Great addition to the collection.
I was pretty sure this was top dog but one never knows. Congrats on the gold.
Congratulations LunaC, On Another Fantastic Cartoon Character Chop.

Funny Back in The USSR

Back in The USSR
Last bonkers from the Soviet Union or everyone wants eat well
Member reactions:
As The Beatles were singing "Back in The USSR".
Looks like a one legged man pushing a wheelchair hahahahaa . Lots of fun stuff Andrew
great effort. lots of details. the lighting comes from different places though. it is usually the first thing i try to match when looking for pics.
Thank you, Hitspinner and Jeremix. Lighting I even did not review in my works. Excellent advise.

Funny IRS Beheads Willie Nelson For Back Taxes

IRS Beheads Willie Nelson For Back Taxes
And my advice to those who die. Declare the pennies on your eyes. - George Harrison
Member reactions:
Neat and Clean Nice things placed all over the place
Could be the winner, but the blurry face doesn't match the body posture. Guillotine has a perspective problem and shadows need some improvement. Pity.
Lots of work here. I would adjust the face color a bit to match the hands. Love the quote you chose by George Harrison.
Congrats, Swashbuckle. Can I borrow guillotine from your picture.

Funny Vladimir is back!

Vladimir is back!
Vladimir Putin is back. Where was he. Perhaps he was mentored by his predecessors.
Member reactions:
Great work on caricatures and love black n white / color blend.
Congrats on the Silver Hobbesart. Nice job
Welcome style. Good lookin art and congrats on the cup
Congrats on the silver, Hobbesart. Great political comedy.

Funny Step On A Crack,Break Your Mother's Back

Step On A Crack,Break Your Mother's Back
Ohhh George.



Funny Oscar Winner back home

Oscar Winner back home
Member reactions:
Congratulations Andrew. Love the eye and the cigar.
Congrats, I figured this one would place high.

Funny Get Back On The Sidwalk, Al!

Get Back On The Sidwalk, Al!
This could be some of the $4.5 Million Al Sharpton owes to the IRS.
Member reactions:
Awesome, expression due to shouting is amazing..though full of money
Woody congrats, Doc. Simple, funny and clean.
Great political satire. Congrats on the wood, Paul.

Funny Husband came back home earlier

Husband came back home earlier
Member reactions:
Nice though some shadows are needed on the snow from the man, dog and the bottle

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