Vladimir is back!
Vladimir is back!
Vladimir is back!. Vladimir Putin is back. Where was he. Perhaps he was mentored by his predecessors.
Member reactions:
Great work on caricatures and love black n white / color blend.
Congrats on the Silver Hobbesart. Nice job
Welcome style. Good lookin art and congrats on the cup
Congrats on the silver, Hobbesart. Great political comedy.

Funny Step On A Crack,Break Your Mother's Back

Step On A Crack,Break Your Mother's Back
Ohhh George.



Funny Oscar Winner back home

Oscar Winner back home
Member reactions:
Congratulations Andrew. Love the eye and the cigar.
Congrats, I figured this one would place high.

Funny Get Back On The Sidwalk, Al!

Get Back On The Sidwalk, Al!
This could be some of the $4.5 Million Al Sharpton owes to the IRS.
Member reactions:
Awesome, expression due to shouting is amazing..though full of money
Woody congrats, Doc. Simple, funny and clean.
Great political satire. Congrats on the wood, Paul.

Funny Husband came back home earlier

Husband came back home earlier
Member reactions:
Nice though some shadows are needed on the snow from the man, dog and the bottle

Funny Come back home with us grandpa !

Come back home with us grandpa !

Funny Kid is fine and he will be back soon.

Kid is fine and he will be back soon.
Kid is fine, some stomach problem and he will be back soon.
Member reactions:
Great job of the bizarre. Is that a meat pie or a French pastry, and is it coming out or going in. Lol
If talk seriously, kid is very sick. Look at him he looks like piece of bacon in uniform. I am very sorry.
Everything impressive but his face posture.
Hilarious chop overall, but the bloody part is a bit extreme, could you please edit it.
Sometimes gross just communicates the whole concept hahahah but family rating and all Funny stuff. Trust me, one of the knock off sites will grab this one hahahahahaahhha

Funny Black widow suddenly was back home earlier!

Black widow suddenly was back home earlier!
Member reactions:
I can see effort with lots of layers and work, good work all together
Not a painting, just a mirror on real life.
Me likey, though the masking on the left guy's head is quite rouigh
Fine chop and congrats on the wood. Who are the no-neck guys.
Congrats on the Wood, Wanderer, Hilarious Issue.

Funny Betty's Back

Betty's Back
Boop Oopy Doop. The real Betty is in the house. Created from scratch--piece by piece. Please view full size...it's a biggun.
Member reactions:
Great looking image, excellent work my only critique would be, that the insides of the eyes are somewhat blurry compared to the rest of the chop and it might be helpful if you included a link to the source images you used to emphasize the fact that you " created it from scratch--piece by piece" ... excellent work nonetheless.
Here are some of my sources. Sources As for the eyes, they are blurry because I wanted them to have a liquid look to them. Her eyes are her primary feature. I did it to make them stand out from the rest of the image.
I just looked at the sources,this Betty is brilliant.I love how you created her,and I love the eyes.Jeepers Creepers,Where Did She Get Those Peepers.Magnificent work hidden
Very impressive Thanks for source images.
Excellent. Really great job on the eyes.
Great . She never had such a ... y body.
Love it, Hidden. This is probably my favorite chop from all the Betty Boop artwork I've seen.
Gold congrats ,Luna.Your Betty is beautiful
Outstanding Betty Boop chop, congrats on the Gold..
Big congrats. I knew I recognized the style. A real beaut.
Quite excellently composed ...Golden Congrats LunaC I knew it was you-Boop Oopy Doop.
Congrats on the gold LunaC Absolutely AWESOME.
Thanks to all for the comments and votes.

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