Bacchus Wearing Nike Shoes
Bacchus Wearing Nike Shoes
Bacchus Wearing Nike Shoes. Member reactions:
Amazing stuff, very nice merge of shoe. Just Done
Really nice work, with the shoes and shirt looking great on the Baptist.
Front Row. Congrats, Loth. Those shoes alone deserved a trophy.

Funny Bacchus George Carlin

Bacchus George Carlin
Sources Thanks for looking.

Funny A blond Bacchus

A blond Bacchus
Member reactions:
Great one. Would even be better if you would try to match his skintone of his face more with that of the body.

Funny Bacchus the Bartender

Bacchus the Bartender
Who better to serve alcohol than Bacchus, God of Wine.
Member reactions:
the guyat the bar must have ordered a Knockout Punch
That funny looking stoned bartender looks like he would put some thing in his drink
Excellent work on the statue, the patron in front seems a bit distracting in my opinion.

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