Robin Williams and Lauren Bacall
Robin Williams and Lauren Bacall
Robin Williams and Lauren Bacall. Member reactions:
BOTH Bacall-Williams chops are awful conceptually. BAD TASTE. She is with Bogey, not Mork, folks.
Love never separates them good to see both RIP
Not sure if it's appropriate to make Bacall and Williams lovers just because they died one day apart
I say it's art and inoffensive so why not. Nice but I would have hit Robin's face with a noise reduction filter to closer match Lauren's complection
it is photo sshop right and im not breaking any rules right with all due respect newsmaster... thanks Hitspinner i've seen a lot more unappropiate photo shopping here.. irregularity broken rules so besically i just try to do my best improve and not care if i win or loose but i hate unfairness in rule breaking... unfair judgment in comments.. offensive comments of certain people.. but what do i know i dont run this site... but with that the people who did would have better judgment more a none sided point of you to make it more fair.. not bend rules when ever they feel like it..

Funny Lauren Bacall and Robin Williams in the Big Sleep

Lauren Bacall and Robin Williams in the Big Sleep
Member reactions:
Somehow chopping out the love of Bacall's life and substituting a recently deceased comic seems an odd, if not disrespectful, tribute. I get that they both died about the same time, but....
Yeah, I agree with pacovilla on this one.
I agree with the above too. Technically a nice chop, but the subjects don't really fit as lovers just because they died at a day apart
Yeah, but what if circumstances were, that the two of them did a movie together... it's a really strange paring but would be interesting. Just my 2 cents. Technically very strong chop

Funny Lauren Bacall's City Moon

Lauren Bacall's City Moon
Member reactions:
Thank you Pacolvilla for your sharp eyes. Next time I will correct it when my health is better and hand steady, which is not today. Spelling I will correct.
No pacovilla, normally, I do act on suggestions. I was being literal when I said that. My hands sometimes are not steady.
This has a deco feel for some reason. Cool.
I was trying for an old timy feeling, another commenter with sharp eyes

Funny Lauren Bacall by Warhol

Lauren Bacall by Warhol
Lauren Bacall before 'Warholed' on (image used with permission from Jerry Murbach) Just in case: Who's Lauren Bacall.... Learn more
Member reactions:
Congrats on the woody, Tom. This worked deserved a tropy it and love her. Great choice of subject.

Funny Barack Obama with Marilyn Monroe and Lauren Bacall

Barack Obama with Marilyn Monroe and Lauren Bacall
here check bogart, Obama and monroe had a great party. I take this photo in my last birth at that time i was a great photographer.
Member reactions:
Looks more like Bergman rather than Bogart with Obama & Monroe... but it's an excellent chop.
You should change the text to make it mean something. I think the girl on the left is Lauren Bacall.

Funny Dancer Lauren Bacall

Dancer Lauren Bacall
Member reactions:
Nice blending, but I see you have kept the original head with hair and pasted the Bacall's face on it. It would resemble her more if you would use Lauren's head, not just face.

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