Funny Baby Kong

Baby Kong

Funny Baby Rhino

Baby Rhino
Member reactions:
The light comes from the top right on the rhinoceros, but its shadow indicates that the light comes from behind. Good job despite everything
Thanks Denlig, bit rushed that one and dont have time to edit it now grrrr, thanks for the observation though buddy

Funny Nice legs, baby

Nice legs, baby
The fox may lose his hair, but not his cunning

Funny Santa Kardashian and baby West

Santa Kardashian and baby West

Funny Boss Baby

Boss Baby

Funny Baby deer

Baby deer

Funny Baby Bean

Baby Bean

Funny Phantom with baby

Phantom with baby
Member reactions:
Suddenly one of the shorty moved to the 4th place. Thank you, guys.
Pretty clean, but the proportions are distorted somewhat - it's visible that you shrunk the object horizontally, rather than making it shorter with parts. Still a decent job. Congrats on the wood.

Funny Attack of the Giant Baby in the City

Attack of the Giant Baby in the City
Member reactions:
I stand by my first statement I was thinking about oversizing something for this contest but ye beat me to it mate.

Funny Clinton Baby

Clinton Baby
America's former first daughter Chelsea Clinton left a New York hospital with her newborn baby daughter, Charlotte. The baby girl came as a surprise to Chelsea and her husband Marc, who chose not to find out the baby gender before birth. Charlotte's birth-weight hasn't been disclosed to the public. Bill and Hillary Clinton said they couldn't be happier as they became grandparents for the first time. Chelsea happily posed for photographs outside Lenox Hill hospital with her husband and parents yesterday. British tabloid The Daily Mail claims Chelsea almost copy-catted the outfit of Kate Middleton when she left the hospital with Prince George last July. Show the world what Clinton baby girl Charlotte may (or may not) look like.

Funny Baby Ball Vendor

Baby Ball Vendor
This Saturday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Photoshop this image of the baby ball vendor any way you wish (image credit: Wilfredor). Some examples are - redress the vendor, make him sell baby balls in unusual places, etc. These are just some ideas.

Funny Royal Baby: It's a Boy!

Royal Baby: It's a Boy!
UPDATE: It's a Boy! The Duchess of Cambridge is in labor, and the world awaits for the birth of the royal baby, who will be the 3rd in line for the throne. Despite many speculations on "leaked info" on the gender of the royal baby, the official word from Buckingham Palace is that the couple do not know the sex of their first child, and are eagerly awaiting to find out, as the rest of the world. To supersede the official news, let's show what the royal baby will look like.

Funny Royal Baby

Royal Baby
#Royalbaby is trending on twitter as the announcement of Kate Middleton's pregnancy was made by The Royal Palace. People wanna know what the royal baby will look like. Twitter user @hotpatooties said this, referring to an FN image: "Kate and Will are expecting a baby, but there is a good chance they will have one of these". To feed the curiosity of twitter users and all who want to know, photoshop what the royal baby (of Kate Middleton and Prince William) may look like.

Funny Parent Babies

Parent Babies
Psychologists recommend - the best way for parents to emotionally connect with their babies, is to pretend they are babies too. Coming back to their childhood vision of life, parents will share emotions free of life experience and prejudices. In other words, in moments of play and joy with their children, parents should simply turn into oversized babies. Let's help parents and babies swap places by swapping heads of babies and their parents.

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