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Funny Baby Pictures

9 Month Old Baby Freaks At Murder ChargeFunny 9 Month Old Baby Freaks At Murder Charge
Member reactions:
Pakistan court drops case against baby URL =
Decent work, but please read the contest directions on how to correctly make a link on a news article

Thumbelina BabyFunny Thumbelina Baby
Member reactions:

So Sweet child and nice dress ,I like this image...
Lovely, heartwarming. Top 5 congratulations

Cher's Baby Boy Gets LynchedFunny Cher's Baby Boy Gets Lynched
Member reactions:
Chastity be gone. She's ... er, HE's gone and gotten himself Jayne "Lynch"ed.
Good job, but I'd choose a different Lynch's face source for this body, as this one is really hard to blend naturally - the face would look either small or deformed on that head angle

Inquisitive Baby BeeFunny Inquisitive Baby Bee
Member reactions:

Freakishly cute. Me likes a lot
Lovely insect boy... looking cute in his expressive eyes

Simon Cowell Welcomes Baby BoyFunny Simon Cowell Welcomes Baby Boy
Member reactions:

Simon Cowell is thrilled to be the father of a baby boy. Strangely, the baby doesn't look much like him, huh.
Hilarious. ...I mean aww...priceless
Good looking chop. Obama is a odd pic, most choppers would use a smaller version of Cowell, but the implication that Obama is the dad is a riot
That's why I did it that way, Hitspinner.
Junior Obama become the proud son of Simon Like the shiney hair enjoying smoke together good work like the finish well done
father's sins are baby's sins. excellent ..
Gotta love Simon and Barack...a perfect pair. Congrats on the win pcrdds.
One fantastic pic, loved it. Congrats on the win.
Love Obama's hair here. Makes him look like a bad boy. Congrats on the gold, Paulie.

Baby's Stinky DiaperFunny Baby's Stinky Diaper
Member reactions:

If Groundhogs Ruled ,,they would pull little humans out of their homes ,and if they had a Stinky diaper there would be 45 days till spring :/
There would be 45 days of snow, yellow snow... Great work.
That's what happen when you frighten a baby
ha ha.... good way to represent the green wave of stink flowing over the air
Hahahahah That is just wrong. Cracked me up. Lots of work pree. Pretty good job on the paws. I always dread trying to make animal hands actually look like functioning appendages rather than stuck on stick figures that look like stuck on stick figures. Nicely done and congrats on the cup, sorry I got in the way, I mean, I'm not real sorry, but sort of sorry. oh heck I here squealing like a little girl hehe. Stay warm young lady. There is a brutal mess heading your way. We're right in the middle of it, mud, muck, snow ewwwyucky mucky.
yes hits hard to find nice nice groundhog hands And I love the competition....

Baby Face BettyFunny Baby Face Betty
Member reactions:

This is one geeky chick, hidden. She still plays toys, but I don't trust her Good job.
ahahahaha faaaantastic work my friend
Nice Hair Style,Her face is looking naughty...
Awesome job... lot of hard work seen here... with lovely colorful pipes and a view of the moon and stars from the sky is really amazing good colorful treat work
Excellent job done Quality job done here
Freaking brilliant job....Perfect blending and colours. Head is in some way disturbing but matches very well.
Nicely done. though, it's a bit strange to me that the steampunk pieces and the porthole window are a higher resolution than the rest of the background and even the central figure.
Oh well I have seen worse, you should have seen the sources before I started. We do the best we can with the sources available and time allotted. I generally nit-pick them more. Anyway I call this genre Pixarpunk not Steampunk In the end it's not a Rembrandt, it is just a fun little chop. Thanks Luciano, balodiya, rajesh, eric, Rickytrek and Newsey.
Again, very imaginative ... love the face
Congrats on the Bronze, H. S. Always look forward to seeing your chops.
Thank you QMS, Pat, Sir Robert, JS, GarRobmil, Doc, Newsey

baby  crazy arrestedFunny baby crazy arrested
Member reactions:

baby crazy
Nice work shouldn't his head be behind those top front bars above the door ...
QT, this must be an illusionary OOB. Nice chop

My baby giraffeFunny My baby giraffe
Member reactions:

Baby DirdFunny Baby Dird
Member reactions:

perfect match and well balanced work.... looks real

Baby Ball VendorFunny Baby Ball Vendor - This Saturday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Photoshop this image of the baby ball vendor any way you wish (image credit: Wilfredor). Some examples are - redress the vendor, make him sell baby balls in unusual places, etc. These are just some ideas.

Royal Baby: It's a Boy!Funny Royal Baby: It's a Boy! - UPDATE: It's a Boy! The Duchess of Cambridge is in labor, and the world awaits for the birth of the royal baby, who will be the 3rd in line for the throne. Despite many speculations on "leaked info" on the gender of the royal baby, the official word from Buckingham Palace is that the couple do not know the sex of their first child, and are eagerly awaiting to find out, as the rest of the world. To supersede the official news, let's show what the royal baby will look like.

Royal BabyFunny Royal Baby - #Royalbaby is trending on twitter as the announcement of Kate Middleton's pregnancy was made by The Royal Palace. People wanna know what the royal baby will look like. Twitter user @hotpatooties said this, referring to an FN image: "Kate and Will are expecting a baby, but there is a good chance they will have one of these". To feed the curiosity of twitter users and all who want to know, photoshop what the royal baby (of Kate Middleton and Prince William) may look like.

Parent BabiesFunny Parent Babies - Psychologists recommend - the best way for parents to emotionally connect with their babies, is to pretend they are babies too. Coming back to their childhood vision of life, parents will share emotions free of life experience and prejudices. In other words, in moments of play and joy with their children, parents should simply turn into oversized babies. Let's help parents and babies swap places by swapping heads of babies and their parents.

Beyonce - Jay-Z BabyFunny Beyonce - Jay-Z Baby - New York was abuzz Tuesday over the birth of baby girl Blue Ivy to one of the Big Apple's most glamorous couples, rapper Jay-Z and R&B singer Beyonce. Curious onlookers and TV satellite vans staked out Lenox Hill Hospital in Manhattan's posh Upper East Side, waiting for a glimpse of Blue Ivy Carter, born Saturday, and her proud parents. However the super secret star couple slipped past waiting paparazzi with a motorcade of black SUVs at 1:30 am. Several magazines including "People" are making multi-million dollar offers to the couple to win the exclusive rights of the first publication of Blue Ivy's photo. Ticked with all the buzz and media attention about how Blue Ivy looks like, 50 cent tweeted yesterday "Yal play to much congratulations to JAYZ and Beyonce BABY #BlueIvyCarter IS GEORGOUS" and attached two mockup pictures of a baby with Jay-Z's face superimposed on it. It's a good thing 50 cent has some Photoshop skills! While the world is expecting to see the first pictures of Blue Ivy Carter, we can only speculate how the baby will look. Let's show the world what Beyonce-Jay-Z Baby baby may (or may not) look like. Many thanks to Preemiememe for the contest concept

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