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Funny AZRainman, King of Photoshop

AZRainman, King of Photoshop
My little tribute to one of my idols of digital photo-editing: MARK RAIN. Every time I can't wait to see his next masterpiece on Freaking News WORK IN PROGRESS: please refresh your browser to get last version
Member reactions:
Ok , which one of Rainmans Apostles did this one , Give him a "A" for the class .....
My expression makes me think I have gas,. Good work hidden
You have alot of followers Master Rain..... Nice work on this chop hidden....
"All Hail King RainDude and pass the Cheetos, please."
, Title and image compliment Each other Excellent job

Funny AZRainman in Space

AZRainman in Space
Member reactions:
Thank you, I appreciate the comments. There are some great contributing artists in this one.
is that Rainman .. he looks like Russell Crowe in this chop... nice
Voting is getting tough-lots of fabulous Tributes.
Rain looks like Russll Crowe all the time, I think. A bit more in the chop because the hairline is indistinct. You giot that right Geri. 7.2 .... Wutz up with that. A year ago, if any of us old timers had done this chop it would have garnered lots of 9s for something this complex. Really tough crowd lately. Thanks for the comments
great chop hitman .. nice details in this one and i agree with Salis too
Good job. That little robot closest to AZ is hilarious.
My real home. How did you know.. Thanks for the tribute pic, Hitspinner

Funny Azrainman Tribute

Azrainman Tribute
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hahaha I miss that teacher so much . did any one hear about him . I should make design about wanted AZrainman

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