Awesome Robot Coffee Grinder
Awesome Robot Coffee Grinder
Awesome Robot Coffee Grinder. Chop built entirely from the source photo provided. Nothing else
Member reactions:
Amazing work with just one source photo. Totally love your creation.
Awesome chop... coffee beans are decorated in the background and the Bong of weed emitting some smoke to make the surrounding filled up with Bong smoke good one
Thank you, Doc , DDB, NM, Silvercanine, Balodiya, Eric, Rajesh. You pushed me over the 60 mark. It seemed like it would never come. Rajesh, thank you, they were simulated to look like coffee bean wallpaper but is actually a small sampling of the red 1/2 dome the crank handle fits into... then multiplied from the one. Not a perfect job but works, thanks
Good job on this, looks fantastic. Congrats on the win.
Thank you and Bows and goes back to chopping something so stupid it may never see the light of day

Funny Awesome Mountain Bike

Awesome Mountain Bike
Im a mountain bike fan so I changed his motorcycle with bicycle Hope you like it .
Member reactions:
Looks totally real, and I love how you did the shadow.
Somebody had to do it and you did it very well.

Funny Awesome Motorbike Stunt

Awesome Motorbike Stunt

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