Award. Hillary Clinton will recover from WikiLeaks' data dumps. LGBT individuals around the world may not be so lucky
Member reactions:
Nice Image, Hidden. Great Work Your colon and Hypertext Transfer Protocol in your media link is incorrect. Should be like this
What's with the extra leg(.) and square tail.
Congrats on the gold, great caricature and illustration.
Thank you all. I got really upset at Assange for releasing documents at this moment. Its unfair and this is manipulation of stable political system by foreign entity. Who knows if he is not working with Vladimir.
Yes it does look porcelain. This is intended to make it more funny
Great job and congrats on the gold. Assange is just getting vengeance for Hillary suggesting the US takes him out with a drone. I am 100% positive Russia has their littke cyber fingers into everything political and technological but I suspect Assange has hackers by the thousands.
Congrats on the gold, Rob. Witty artwork.

Funny Mick Jagger at the Academy Awards

Mick Jagger at the Academy Awards
I did this about a month and a half ago and for some reason, just wasn't feeling it, so I started over and did a completely different one and put it in freak show. When I finally went back to this one I thought, it ain't so bad, so here it is.
Member reactions:
Amazing job done, looks real and creepy too. For perfectness remove that pixel line on the left
Thanks Newsy, good eye, had to crop the whole thing a bit.
Great job, Mike has never seemed so young ..
, thanks everyone. Once again I'm shocked that this came out on top.
Congrats, DD. Great Work. GO Figure. people love Mick, I guess.
Congratssss DeadDog.... Mick looks bettter then ever
RGeally excellent piece, DD. Congrats on the gold. You deserve it

Funny Barack Obama Awarding a Zombie a Medal

Barack Obama Awarding a Zombie a Medal
Member reactions:
Looks like Bush got a Zombie avatar... and a medal to nicely craved

Funny Vladimir Putin Awarding Masked Man a Medal

Vladimir Putin Awarding Masked Man a Medal
Crimea 2015, Ukraine 2016, Poland 2017,...
Member reactions:
Putin is awarding the liberty of freedom to an unknown and masked person great work like the concept good one
The 'masked' person is intended to be the Grim Reaper.

Funny Barack Obama Awarding a Grenade to Steven Spielberg

Barack Obama Awarding a Grenade to Steven Spielberg
Just sayin
Member reactions:
Excellent caricature good one like the bomb tied to him
Thank you Gummy, Balodiya, Crafty, Rajesh, and Hobbit.
Congrats on the Gold Hits. Great new style, fooled me
Congrats on win, love ET peeking around the corner.
Congrats on the gold, Hits. Freaky beauty of work here.

Funny Barack Obama Awarding Yogie Berra a Medal

Barack Obama Awarding Yogie Berra a Medal

Funny Barack Obama Awarding Obama a Medal

Barack Obama Awarding Obama a Medal
I Hereby Bestow This, Our Highest Award Upon Myself... Bla,Bla,,Bla,,,
Member reactions:
HA. The guy on the right looks like a deviant.
Thanks y'all, Yes They are a Shifty pair for sure.

Funny Barack Obama Awarding Donald Trump a Medal

Barack Obama Awarding Donald Trump a Medal

Funny Leonardo Da Vinci Gets an Award from the Army

Leonardo Da Vinci Gets an Award from the Army
Member reactions:
Well deserved award to Vinci nice collection and good work over all

Funny George Bush is Awarded a Noose

George Bush is Awarded a Noose

Funny Emmy Awards

Emmy Awards
Did you watch the Emmy Awards on Sunday? "24" and "Office" won the Emmys for best series. American television defines "series" as a TV movie with 15 trillion episodes or more - anything shorter falls into "series for wimps" category. If you consider yourself a true fan of, say, "24", you've gotta have a dedication and watch every single episode of dancing around the subject and not moving anywhere type of story-plot where agent Jack Bauer saves the world for the millionth time and just gets so bored of it. Also, you are not a true fan if you don't have DVDs of all the episodes in special collector's edition (buy a non-collector edition and true "24" fans will think you're a wimp). You need these collector edition DVDs not only to re-watch them every day, but also to pass to your children and to children of their children who'll continue to watch ongoing "24" for many generations ahead and they need to know what the heck happened in years of previous episodes, and why the hell evil is still roaming the earth when agent Jack Bauer already conquered terrorism, killed all the bad aliens, refilled the ozone layer, and found the universal cure for cancer, AIDS, arthritis, and hemorrhoids. In this contest you are asked to photoshop any series nominated for 58th Emmy Awards in any satirical way - for example, use the series to promote a commercial product, or change the cast crew. P.S. Next time you watch '24' or other TV series, don't forget this universal rule of any TV series: Ugly people are ALWAYS the bad guys. You might wanna remember that when you make chops for this contest.

Funny Grammy Awards

Grammy Awards
Photoshop this year's Grammy Awards to add satire to it.

Funny Celebrity Awards

Celebrity Awards
Photoshop awards for some celebrity who you think is completely undeserving receiving an award - e.g. OJ Simpson getting an Oscar or Osama getting the Peace Prize. Perhaps even Britney Spears pictures will get her an award, who knows.

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