5th Avenue
5th Avenue
5th Avenue. Member reactions:
Could MR.ASSAD be Mrassad on here, shouldn't use your name, cute pic tho.
Cool image, but he never "fallis'... And avenue should be spelled the same way in all three places.
Outstanding and unique. A marvelous caricature of Mr Bean and the low opacity background is the perfect touch. Congrats on the Silver, mrassad.
Thanks everyone for your votes and comments..

Funny 5th Avenue Run

5th Avenue Run

Funny Donald Trump Playing the Saxaphone on Fifth Avenue

Donald Trump Playing the Saxaphone on Fifth Avenue
Donald Trump is really worried by the recent election result.
Member reactions:
Well done Mission Accomplish and Obama Wins and the Party is about to begin good chop
Cool posture with the Saxofone its musical and nice entry
Excellent. It'd do great in the saxophone contest too.

Funny Gargoyle Avenue

Gargoyle Avenue
Member reactions:
The more you look at theis one the better it gets. Fine Job.

Funny 5th Avenue Ice Trip

5th Avenue Ice Trip
There are few things as publicly humiliating as falling on your face in the middle of the street. There are also few things as funny as looking at pictures of such graceless individuals. Circle of life, Hakuna Matata: One manís burden is anotherís LOL of the day. Image Credit: Timothy Clary/Staff Photoshop this photo of 5th Avenue Ice Trip any way you wish.

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