Junior Avengers
Junior Avengers
Junior Avengers.

Funny Star Wars Merges with the Avengers

Star Wars Merges with the Avengers
Member reactions:
I hate to critique but this has potential to be really good. Dynamic composition but conflicting background perspectives left and right. Black guys hand and gun are cropped.
Looks really nice, but Hitspinner is right, need to fix the hand and gun.
This is really a good composition. Looks an original one.
Love this Idea, Hidden. Unfortunate about the gun hand. I was hoping you could come up with a fix.

Funny The Marvel Avengers

The Marvel Avengers
Member reactions:
Great POV of Galactus. What is that small dark object above Galactus's head and next to the Silver Surfer.

Funny Marvel Avengers Movie To Break 1 Billion

Marvel Avengers Movie To Break 1 Billion
Avengers in the money Sources Hulk Happy
Member reactions:
No wonder they threw a big party to celebrate. I'd make the Hulk's head bigger, but it's a great work all around anyways.

Funny Star Wars in Avengers movie

Star Wars in Avengers movie

Funny Taxed Avengers Movie

Taxed Avengers Movie
The avengers battle with ultron suffers from tax cuts with iron mans armor and a non CGI hulk (green paint)

Funny Mick Jagger in the Avengers

Mick Jagger in the Avengers
Member reactions:
Which one, this is a build... there are 8 sources This wasn't a cut, blend and paste-a-face. Thanks for the comments
So good it looks like an original Avengers poster.
Yeah, possibly hoisted on my own petard. It must have fooled a judge because that is the only 6 it got beside a 1 Karma. That or a general rejection because "Too" much art was employed. It is just discouraging that such a high quality chop didn't even break a 7. Thanks Chris, thanks Gummy

Funny American Gothic Avengers

American Gothic Avengers
Avengers Grant

Funny The Avengers of South Park

The Avengers of South Park
Member reactions:
Awesome use of the 3-D sources indeed. The poster looks authentic.
great one mate. Congrats on the win. Do the Hulk next time, that one is my favorite
Congrats on the Gold, Elegary. Excellent Win

Funny Baby Avengers Movie

Baby Avengers Movie
There here to save their milk
Member reactions:
Good one. I like the bright colors against black background. Very striking

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