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Funny Autumn Pictures

The Autumn Falls blues (Bunny's Inspiration)Funny The Autumn Falls blues (Bunny's Inspiration)
Member reactions:

Nice work, hidden. I personaly liked it better before you changed it,(bunny face more effective) in my opinion. Good luck.
Agree, but picture was removed from contest because used following sourse: Bill helped me to save opus. Thank you.
I used different sources and change to picture new (bye Bill).
Great job Nicely done with the cigar and smoke
Nicely chopped with cleaver merge of source and cool effects
aaaaaah great and very funny this job, compliments
Thank you for support to create picture. See you in following contest. Good luck to All.
Gold congrats, Wanderer. I knew it was a winner.....great work.
Thank you, Nepaguy59. Your advise helped a lot. Continue learning Photoshop technique.
Best regards, W.
This saxophone is golden. Wonderful work, Wanderer. Congrats.

Autumn CoupleFunny Autumn Couple
Member reactions:

Agree with D-Man but I would give anything to see a little connecting shadow under his shoes, hers are in the air and don't need it.
thansk Disasterman and deaddog, added some shadows, hope it works..
It is great work. Can you share what do you use to have improve quality of the picture (original is worth than yours).
So Romantic... this is much better to have dinner together. very well placement of the chair and the good background chosen. good job
thanks all, Wanderer :you can start your question as a new topic in the forums ( Photoshop techniques ) and i'll share some tips for sure
Awesome Nice Color contrast and very nice effects Great job done. Quality job done
Beautiful work Salis … wonderful mix of softness & clarity … I love the one dog walking the other … points to d-dog, the shadow beneath his foot was the Pièce de résistance … GOLD CONGRATS.
thanks all, thank you qtrmoonshop, and yep DD's tip was right, he takes part of the credits of me winning this contest, cheers to DD..
nicely done Salis... good job & congrats on the gold, u deserve it... keep going bro
, beautiful pic Golden congrats, Sal.
Congrats salis. It is a very well done piece of art and thanks for the kudos but it's all you baby.

Autumn DaysFunny Autumn Days
Member reactions:

Autumn FairyFunny Autumn Fairy
Member reactions:

Beautiful indeed, pity the image is small though

Woman in Autumn LeavesFunny Woman in Autumn Leaves
Member reactions:

Linkin Park - In Pieces

Pump by a Tree in AutumnFunny Pump by a Tree in Autumn
Member reactions:

First entry... be gentle...
Purty good for a 1st entry sez Eye; and Welcome to FrEAKING NeWS.
I agree with kanakahaole. Excellent first entry. I particularly like the out of bounds bit at the bottom. Good luck.
I thought this would have been higher, but it was a great first try. Keep going.

Girl With an Autumn LeafFunny Girl With an Autumn Leaf
Member reactions:

Autumn Falls

Little Autumn Fairy on AcornsFunny Little Autumn Fairy on Acorns
Member reactions:

very nice, you work for acorn. NEA grant.
I loved this post. It surprises me occupying this place. But congratulations on the good work.
I really like this one Creative thinking.
Of all the entries I thought this had so much life... Magic here.
Again Great work BurntFaery keep rocking
How much do they (ACORN) pay you. Seriously great chop, BF.

Autumn Tree in a LakeFunny Autumn Tree in a Lake
Member reactions:

Congratulations on the gold nice job here

Dali's autumnFunny Dali's autumn
Member reactions:

AutumnFunny Autumn - Photoshop this autumn image (click to download) any way you wish. Some examples are: changing the weather in the image, placing the girl on the bench into some new environment; putting people, ghosts, or objects in this autumn image. Many thanks to Linden Laserna and Stock Exchange for providing the source image.

AutumnFunny Autumn - You are asked to photoshop the supplied Autumn image any way you like. You may use the news story as inspiration, but the source image or parts of it, must be used in your entry. You will have 3 days to submit your entry. Submitting it early will give you plenty of time to read the critique comments and edit your image accordingly. Typical FreakingNews entry guidelines also apply. You can find them here. Thanks to mashby for sponsoring this contest.

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