Pumpkin Auto Repair
Pumpkin Auto Repair
Pumpkin Auto Repair.

Funny 70 percent Taxed Auto

70 percent Taxed Auto

Funny Grand Theft Auto Geriatric Edition

Grand Theft Auto Geriatric Edition
Member reactions:
No driver's license needed. Grammar police: you probably meant to say "Senior EDITION".
Boo Hoo Yes I deserve a ticket from the grammar police.
It seems everyone's license has been expired...

Funny Grandpa Theft Auto Game

Grandpa Theft Auto Game

Funny Butch Cassidy's Auto Repair

Butch Cassidy's Auto Repair
The famous final freeze scene from Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid Mexican army raids bulletproofing auto shop SOURCE
Member reactions:
Thanks pcr, Icy and pree. One of the classic movies of all time and best sound track. It was great to see these two together again in The Sting.
Freaking luv it. Excellent remake of the classic shot.
Thanks rajsehstar. Thanks Newsy. I always wanted to do something with this photo.
deaddog i really loved this and gave it high marks...
Funny, funny, and very well done deaddog . . . especially love the pocket pal . . . Congrats on being featured

Funny Hat Stack with Auto Changer

Hat Stack with Auto Changer
combining useless inventions and hat theme contests I missed prior.......here's QVC shopping network's next tech gadget.

Funny Grand Theft Auto: Tomato City

Grand Theft Auto: Tomato City
The latest sequel to join the GTA family. *Back of the case description* "What does the Tomato dream mean today. For Chewy Tomate fresh off the vine from the garden, it is the hope he can become sauce. For his cousin, Squishy, it is the vision that together they can find fortune in Tomato City, gateway to the land of Sauce-a-tunity."
Member reactions:
Haha Good idea

Funny Grand Theft Auto: Alice in South Central

Grand Theft Auto: Alice in South Central
The spin off Xbox game has already hit the shelves.
Member reactions:
Freaking brilliant, gotta see it in full view.
cool i have done many covers of GTA in company where I working ,
Thanks to all who voted and sent a comment.
Excellent idea and very clean chop Tuuluu, Congrats on your bronze.
Tuuluuwag funny... i showed my boys this chop they loved it.. congrats.....
Tuuluu, this was very clever. Congrats on the bronze.

Funny Jean Reno in Grand Theft Auto

Jean Reno in Grand Theft Auto
I thought he fit this role perfectly. View Full
Member reactions:
, he would be excellent in this role indeed.

Funny Auto Accessories

Auto Accessories
No "Open Container" tickets here.
Member reactions:
The angles, line up and perspectives are very good.
Yeah, but she only gets about 12 miles per keg.
Very Nice. (Just don't drink and drive.)
Here's the challenge - put some labels on those taps so that I know what I'm drinking (but do I really care what I'm drinking.).
No "open container" tickets, but if those taps dispense anything stronger than root beer you'll get your license suspended.
...and the seat of this new car model is a soft toilet which will make your rides more comfortable...
Yes, but there is nothing to put it in. I suppose you just put your head under the tap..
LMFSOL Mashby my friend this is you, what a classic.

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