Putin has left G20 summit in Australia early after `shearing`
Putin has left G20 summit in Australia early after `shearing`
Putin has left G20 summit in Australia early after "shearing". Putin walks out of G20 summit 'to sleep'

Funny Passing Through On My Way To Australia

Passing Through On My Way To Australia
Support Your Local Sheriff, my favorite Garner film, centered around the temporary sheriff's insistence "I'm Just Passing Through On My Way To Australia." Well, he finally made it. God Bless Mr. Garner, your talents brought me a lot of joy.
Member reactions:
I'll add an Amen to that... It's also my favorite Garner film.
Grumpy I just watched it again this morning. STILL hilarious. Cheers.
Decency is something I am rarely accused of.

Funny Clint Eastwood Riding a Steer UpSide Down in Australia

Clint Eastwood Riding a Steer UpSide Down in Australia

Funny Rocky Goes To Australia and Fights a Kangaroo

Rocky Goes To Australia and Fights a Kangaroo
Member reactions:
ha ha ha the little is born fighter very Hilarious good one
Bang from both the ends by the kangaroos good very funny
The little one delivers the knockout poach-punch, hahaha. Seriously great job here.
Thanks, Mr. F. Thanks, penaplonk. Thanks, Bob.
Nice Job Paul. Rocky looks horrible. The low blows must have left the head shots wide open for ApolloRoo. **
Thanks, Tim. Thanks, G-Man. Thanks, SplatShot.

Funny Australia - No Longer Down Under

Australia - No Longer Down Under
Looks like Australia is almost top of the world
Member reactions:
In this view it's top of the world agreed

Funny Vegas Rock - United States of Australia

Vegas Rock - United States of Australia
Member reactions:
Yeha..Thanks guys..Cant believe I got a woody.....yippie.....
ol could be... congrats.. the tram cracked me up.
ol could be... congrats.. the tram cracked me up.
Congratulations GOAT. It's about time for you in the Winner's circle. Great compilation of images. HA. HA.
Wooden congrats to you Goat . . . great stuff . . . really cool chop . . . especially love the tram face

Funny Flooded Australia

Flooded Australia
PLEASE REFRESH YOUR BROWSER TO GET LAST VERSION AND VIEW FULL 'Inland tsunami' hits Australian towns *The flooded city is BRISBANE (Queensland); but the Sydney Opera House represents whole Australia I've tried to portray an "inland tsunami", so the flow of water appears to come from the outback and NOT from the sea. I could superimpose a rain-effect but it seemed unnecessary and would add noise to the image. With this picture I want to show ALL MY SOLIDARITY with Australian people for the worst flood of his history
Member reactions:
Right-ON. Australians have a place in my heart and I empathize with their current plight. Your chop is excellent and poignant; good luck.
shouldn't the water be flowing upward..
Quality work. The water waves and splashes are not an easy thing to chop but you did a good job. What's the animal on the left.
sad, but well executed landscape, congrats.

Funny Oprah Winfrey In Australia With a Koala on Her Head

Oprah Winfrey In Australia With a Koala on Her Head
Oprah Winfrey to take studio audience to Australia Where they might meet some drop bears
Member reactions:
Funny-hope the K-Bear bites her. High marks for The Laughability Factor.
The news is crazy, Oprah must be crazy, and this chop is even crazier - I love it. Evil koalas will get 'em all.
macwithfries.. Whoo dat.. JOKING. Congrats.
Congrats on the gold Mac. nice to see you choppin'..
bwahahah who is this . MAC her self . i can't believe my eyes you didn't forget your skills in photoshop great work and TOPAZ too . i though you hate any one use that Congrats on the gold and hope to see more from you
It's MACWITHFRIES... Congrats on the gold, sistah. Wooo Hoooo.
congrats for the gold... Excellent and very funny chop
Great stuff, I see you finally entered after a long hiatus and even got the big prize Evil koalas must means New Jersey froze over...
All that potential lurking back in the shadows hahahahahah Great chop young lady.......... Nice to see you playing again
And I thought Koalas were cute and cuddly... Beautiful work as always Mac.

Funny Japan Sends Probe Back To Australia

Japan Sends Probe  Back To Australia
Larger is better News
Member reactions:
Looks pretty cool, I see Sulu in there too
It took around 6 hours. The soccer one took about 7. I'm getting faster Thanks RW-Kellie
Arrrrrrrrggghhhhhhh what kin of chcanery be this.... Ye relagate these fine battlebuddies to the wee bottom dregs of contests now past without a propper audience among the township ... Arrrrrrrrgggggg POX on ye and ye offspring for tree generations hahahahahahaha
Man, this chop makes me wanna read some sci-fi books again. Congrats on the silver, Hits.
Ahhh bless your heart, you fixed the positioning, Newsey. Thanks man. I was really scratching my head on what had happened
hits..congratulations,, love George Takei..hes 1 of my favorite celebrities ,,
A lot of work Hitspinner.... Congrats on the Silver...
Congrats on the silver Hitspinner, awesome chop.
Oh- hey- what... Ya'll showed up at once.. Hahahah thanks a bunch, glad ya liked it... By the way, the big toaster looking space probe thinggie is a 1950s bus, twinned and sandwiched.

Funny Australia on Fire

Australia on Fire
this is made in thought of all my fellow firefighters, and fellow citizens we lost in our fires here this year..93 of you are very missed and still thought of everyday.173 in total killed in those fires lit by arsonists............140 k's an hour the fire was traveling.Thats 3 to 4 k's a minute..SCARY STUFF..May god protect us all again this year... http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2009/02/08/2485648.htm
Member reactions:
This is bout what it looked like for the 93 people that died in our fires here this year.173 in total just in the weekend.god bless all my fellow firefighters and friends...we all think of you
Firefighters rock. May they all stay safe this summer. Myself and my fellow hills dwellers appreciate them so much.
A hero is someone that runs in when everyone else is running out
Not only a fitting tribute, but a good image as well. Bravo

Funny Australia

Australia Day was widely celebrated past Saturday (January 26) in the "land down under". It is a national holiday which marks the anniversary of the establishment of the first British colony on the continent of Australia. Indigenous Australians call this holiday "The Invasion Day". Photoshop anything connected to Australia. Some examples are - designing new Australian flag or currency, photoshopping Australian celebrities or animals, etc.

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