Aussie Emu
Aussie Emu
Aussie Emu. Member reactions:
Perfect... Simple, clean and totally on theme.

Funny Pretty in Pink Aussie Singer Jessica Simpson

Pretty in Pink Aussie Singer Jessica Simpson
I had a photo/video shoot on the weekend with an upcoming Aussie singer Jessica Simpson, this is an image created from her make up session.. A lot of filter work.....
Member reactions:
Your brush work is beautiful. I love everything that you have submitted.
Thank you everyone, And special thanks to you Joan...Your comments are well appreciated...

Funny Aussie Space Shuttle

Aussie Space Shuttle

Funny Aussie Tree with Upside Down Animals

Aussie Tree with Upside Down Animals
Thanx to morgue files for the images used the bats are down side up because thats upside down for them and the little roo is right way up because he fell out of his mothers pouch

Funny Aussie Magritte Painting Upside Down

Aussie Magritte Painting Upside Down
Member reactions:
It would be funny to see his hat falling off his head.

Funny Night Aussies Bar

Night Aussies Bar
Member reactions:
If they sit on the ceiling than where the light comes from. Bottom.

Funny Aussie Snake Charmer on a Snake

Aussie Snake Charmer on a Snake
things are bigger DOWNUNDER
Member reactions:
Reminds me of my 3 Pythons in Thailand. I learned to love anything that slithered in that jungle paradise. Nice work-like it.
The idea takes a great spin - he's now the monster snake charmer. Love the execution too
thanks guys..would love a pet like that geri.. 3 of them..
Way to go Goat. Congrats on the silver. Great job.

Funny Aussie Creation

Aussie Creation
"Gonna need this, mate."

Funny Celebrity Aussies with Kangaroos

Celebrity Aussies with Kangaroos
Here are Keith Urban, Nicole Kidman, Angus Young and Mel Gibson, all celebs from Australia. The late Steve Irwin looks over his Aussie Mates.

Funny Bachelor Party Aussie Style

Bachelor Party Aussie Style
Australian Gents try to recreate the movie Bachelor Party. The Penguin was unharmed and returned to Sea World Australia. The Gents were taken off to jail.

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