Auntie Maxi's Wig
Auntie Maxi's Wig
Auntie Maxi's Wig.

Funny Aunty Max

Aunty Max

Funny Aunty Maxine Tattoo

Aunty Maxine Tattoo
Nothing is sure but this brand new tattoo, how it got here, I haven't a clue
Member reactions:
Jimmy Buffett would never call this tattoo a real beauty. Good Idea.
Never under estimate the power of Tequila.

Funny Aunty Waters

Aunty Waters

Funny Auntie Sam Hillary Clinton

Auntie Sam Hillary Clinton
Clinton is 'strongest candidate' in 2016 presidential race ... ism for the win. Could prejudice bring it home for Hillary Clinton in 2016. Will any Democrat even challenge Hillary in 2016. A Hillary Clinton Campaign Would Be Bad for Democracy BEST VIEW SOURCE IMAGES
Member reactions:
Friggin' brilliant, methinks. Clever touches too, like Benghazi gravestone, and (my favorite) "What difference does it make." on the slogan. Political satire at its best.
If you think Hillary would be a good president, you didn't spend enough time with your grandma. I'm the same age as Hillary. Trust me, she's an old bag and a real B to live with, otherwise Bill wouldn't be hitting on Lewinsky
Hope not. One lame President for two terms is enough. Nice work.
Thank you kindly to everyone. Lol Re: louhodges, nowhere does it imply that I think she would be a good president
Congrats on the gold, Bill. Thanks for the great show.
Great chop. Provocative as hello. Congrats on the Gold. No, if she runs and wins there will be a civil war. 100% guarantee. I feel it in my bones, Red sates against blue and the blue will wish they had more assault weapons
Outstanding. What difference DOES it make.
Many Thanks to all I'm fairly certain, whether we like it or not, we will be hearing about Hillary running for President at least until November of 2016
Well, she repeatedly said she would NOT run. But so did Obama before 2008. Time will tell

Funny Auntie Zeituni Waiting for Change in a Barrel

Auntie Zeituni Waiting for Change in a Barrel
Member reactions:
Everything is free in America, good one, should have been in weekly news.
Freaking Brilliant. love how you added the poster on the wall too.
Congrads, one for one, what a way to start, now send the bucks to Aunt Zuni she only been on the public doe since 2000.
Congratulations on the win, CHazz, and big warm welcome to Freaking News.
Looks like 'Luck' was on your side-Congratulations.

Funny Aunty Max Manet

Aunty Max Manet

Funny Aunty Jamima Waters

Aunty Jamima Waters
Member reactions:
Yikes... I'll pass on the pancakes, thank you.
Ah, Thanks for the comments,,, this was fun.
...should have finished higher on the humor element alone.

Funny Auntie maxine and Pookyhauntass

Auntie maxine and Pookyhauntass
Member reactions:
What do you have against Maxine Waters. Your work on Warrens is funny.
Impeach, Impeach, Impeach,She's crazier than The Hilldabeast.

Funny Aunty Maxine

Aunty Maxine
In the news with her James Brown Wig

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