The Audition
The Audition
The Audition. Member reactions:
Very nicely done, like the cute expressions.
The reflection of the middle one is off (unless she is standing on her toes), but cool image.
Awesome job with great color, like alot.

Funny Silvio Berlusconi Auditioning for the Three Amigos

Silvio Berlusconi Auditioning for the Three Amigos
Auditioning for a sequel with some familiar faces...

Funny Ancient American Idol Auditions

Ancient American Idol Auditions

Funny Audition

The 2 new consultants hired by the Weather Channel evaluate Ms. England's Audition.
Member reactions:
That's kinda funny because it looks like Bush is opening his fly and the woman is pointing to it,

Funny Happy Feet Penguin Auditions

Happy Feet Penguin Auditions
The bloke with his head down forgot his tap shoes in the cab~ That's show biz kid.
Member reactions:
Smart entry, but the penguins may need some reflections and shadows
thanks I am working on learning about making shadows and reflections

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