Google Audi Car
Google Audi Car
Google Audi Car. Member reactions:
Innovative idea.... get this done for Google sponsored Audi

Funny Gollum Finds the Ring on Audi Car

Gollum Finds the Ring on Audi Car
After Gollum lost "the ring", he immediatley discovered a more dependable replacement. Sources
Member reactions:
SOS bring me intelligent life here.
What I love about this entry: 1) the concept - it's clever - the ring is taken from a modern element (Audi logo) and a modern element (Audi car) is mixed with the LOTR world. "Mix the unmixable" is a winning formula here 2) The execution - perfect blending worthy of a cool poster to decorate any wall. 3) The color pattern you chose here 4) The dragon 5) Frodo in Audi My minor critique is two moons - probably one too many. Overall grade: FA (Freaking Awesome)
Bronze moon for ya, mate. Congrats on the bronze.
Man.This is fantastic,awesome.Congrats on the bronze,Xaos.
damn. Only when Newsy pointed out the audi rings i noticed it. I was wondering what he did on the car. I just didnt look closely enough. A great idea. congrats on another thophy, Xaos.
that was cool X-man .. thanks newsy to note the idea for us . keep going mate

Funny New Audi Brand

New Audi Brand

Funny Audi Painted in an American Flag

Audi Painted in an American Flag

Funny Audi Torino

Audi Torino
Member reactions:
This is friggin' excellent and I want this car

Funny Audi Advert

Audi Advert
Keyless car entry failure
Member reactions:
Talk about the convenience of the new technologies

Funny Audi Bike

Audi Bike
Member reactions:
Very cool car & original concept, (I think) would be nice to see the source pics.

Funny Maserati + Honda + Audi

Maserati + Honda + Audi

Funny Audi with Pizza Wheels

Audi with Pizza Wheels

Funny Vintage Radio in New Audi

Vintage Radio in New Audi

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