Ghost Auction
Ghost Auction
Ghost Auction. Dodgy bids exorcised in NZ ghost auction
Member reactions:
I like it all, but the ghosts in the BG are wicked as.
Grats on the double crown BF... Both great and dynamic images.
thanks for all the comments, glad ya'll enjoyed it

Funny Michael Jackson Auction

Michael Jackson Auction
Jackson auction gets the white glove treatment
Member reactions:
and then one participant shouts "Beat it." and everyone starts dancing.

Funny The Wizard of Oz Auction

The Wizard of Oz Auction

Funny Star Wars Princess Auction

Star Wars Princess Auction
Source by Jean-Léon Gérôme
Member reactions:
Aww, wonderful entry... Congratulations AZRainman on your newest trophy.
Another gem, Arizona, - congrats with the silver.
Fisher was a cokehead when she made those movies. She wishes she had a body like that.
She need some roundness to her, thanks for the compliments folks

Funny Auctioning Greek Islands

Auctioning Greek Islands

Funny Auction Bargains

Auction Bargains
Che Guevara hair sold at auction
Member reactions:
i pressed the button to many times
submit to islam, prey 5 times, live off the gov. and oil for everyone and beat your wife, that's the world I want to live in, besides I like it better when the terrorists strike the U.S it's much more fun, yet death and destruction

Funny Cookers Auction

Cookers Auction
Maiden Man Finds Human Foot In Auction Item
Member reactions:
Care for a side of Fried Green Tomatoes with your bbq.
It's always a good idea to check your spelling before submitting. September is missing an "R" in the ad headline.

Funny Poop Auction

Poop Auction
Wonder how much this item will fetch .

Funny Auction

Leonard auctioning off all his personal ST belongings, even his underwear.

Funny Auction

President Bush auctions the Stanley cup for charity
Member reactions:
Well being a Democrat, I am not surprised.

Funny Celebrity Auctions

Celebrity Auctions
In this contest your mission is to design an (eBay or otherwise) auction of some oddity or unusual item that might have been previously owned by a celebrity or politician.

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