Obama Showing Putin US Tourist Attractions
Obama Showing Putin US Tourist Attractions
Obama Showing Putin US Tourist Attractions.

Funny Barack Obama's New Disneyland Attraction

Barack Obama's New Disneyland Attraction
Member reactions:
Looks like Thomas the tank engine has some competition, great work.
....fun chop with lots of cool additions. I like the Obama train There are a couple of things that caught my eye that seem a bit out of kilter though. The bright sunshine on the train passengers (on a dull day with no sunshine), and the perspective/direction of the tunnel compared to the direction of the train tracks (where the tracks should match that direction and not veer to the right)
Its a Obama Treat very good with the different angles of him so well craved and chopped like your hard work all the best
Macwithfries: "HUH." Train track direction. It's Disneyland-nothing is as it seems because it's a fantasyland. Have you ever been to D-Land.
geriatric...I stand by what I said
Congrats, on the Silver.....Paul.Another great one from the Dr. Well done, my friend...
Silver congrats Pcr, great and funny work

Funny The Star Attraction

The Star Attraction
Member reactions:
One of my favorites in this contest - superior work.

Funny Fatal Attraction 2011 - Rabbit Boils Glen Close

Fatal Attraction 2011 - Rabbit Boils Glen Close
The boiled bunny shall seek his revenge.
Member reactions:
Cracked me up
That's funny. I might suggest lopping of some chin and hair from the right side and lower her head into the pot. But I have a habit of viewing from a realist point of view. This is fine as it is too.
. I have just seen this movie this year for the first time in my life. The rabbit scene there is classic

Funny World Tourist Attractions

World Tourist Attractions
The tourism ad poster for Nepal mistakenly used a photo of a Peruvian Inca site under the slogan "Have you seen Nepal?" Which is like showing the smiling face of George W Bush under the slogan "Have you seen John Kerry?" I guess it's just one of those "Where's Waldo?" type of adverts. Take an element of famous world tourist attractions (building, statue, mountain etc.) and place it in another geographical location / sightseeing.

Funny Iraqi Tourist Attractions

Iraqi Tourist Attractions
Create images of hotels or theme parks based in Iraq.

Funny Christmas Attractions

Christmas Attractions
Decorate any famous attractions (interior or exterior) to give them a Christmas look.

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