Hllary Clinton Flight Attendant
Hllary Clinton Flight Attendant
Hllary Clinton Flight Attendant. "Moonlighting Airforce one is one way to help out the Treasury." .
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Loved this one . . . should have placed higher too many people throwing in "intentional low votes", or just plain clueless voters seems to be the problem . . .

Funny Multi Armed Flight Attendant

Multi Armed Flight Attendant

Funny Big Flight Attendant

Big Flight Attendant
Delta Flight Attendants Demand Bigger Dresses
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i didnt know rosie was a flight attendant,.
chop & andwhat.

Funny San Francisco Children Wedding Attendants

San Francisco Children Wedding Attendants
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OMG Hahahahahaha How clever. This chop is priceless. It has to be viewed large too. It has some of that pesky file transfer fuzz, or maybe multiple generation degradation but I just ignore that. I love the decoration and type selection.
Good work, great idea

Funny Mixed Up Wedding Attendants

Mixed Up Wedding Attendants
Little John didn't want to be a ring bearer so,they put the flower girl dress on him and now he's still not happy.

Funny Kofi Annan Gas Station Attendant

Kofi Annan Gas Station Attendant
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The expression on his face fits in nicely with the finished image. Nice entry. Have a look at the collar area though as there appears to be some white showing through above the top button and towards the left.
Overall effect is good. But there's something strange about his arms/hands. It almost looks as though the hands should be in front--not behind. (Maybe it's just me.).
LunaC, I believe that you are critiquing the actual source image as, unless I am mistaken, the arms and hands have not been altered in any way. Only the region around the head has been changed and that has been done so successfully.
I wonder if the collar could be nade a little better to fit the neck.. If you follow the shoulder lines you will see there is barely room.
I like this one a lot. Surprized it did not place in top 3.

Funny Flight Attendant Protection

Flight Attendant Protection
It was decided that air marshalls were not enough. A new wave of highly trained air hostesses was draughted in to protect our skies.
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and she smashes the terrorists over the head with the bottle

Funny Hillary Clinton the Flight Attendant

Hillary Clinton the Flight Attendant

Funny Flight Attendant's Grossest Passengers

Flight Attendant's Grossest Passengers
Adult diapers, dripping ... milk and ped eggs: Flight attendants reveal the nasty secrets of the grossest passengers at 30,000 feet
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Please provide a news link as per contest directions

Funny Frodo and Golum Wedding Attendants

Frodo and Golum Wedding Attendants

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