SteampunkBot Attack
SteampunkBot Attack
SteampunkBot Attack. Member reactions:
Cup worthy with spectacular explosive effect. Great job as always, Mano.
Nice action piece..great fire and lasers.👍
Love the effects. Outstanding Work Manosart.

Funny Jack Attack

Jack Attack

Funny Whack Attack

Whack Attack
Member reactions:
, Brilliant color, awesome layers of fantasy freaks. Fantastic build.
Hi HS. Great chop as always. Congrats on the climb to #2 in Hall of Fame. Love your work. I didn't realize Freaking News was back until a few months ago. So glad it was resurrected. I need to get the full story.
Thank you.... I mustered up a little more enthusiasm and spirit of play.
Your spirit of play was outstanding. Congrats on the Silver, Hitman.
Congrats Tim, Love the Bear, Fantastic Pic...
Superb Image, Hits. Congrats on the Silver. It's A Masterpiece, Worthy of Gold for Sure.
Well played Tim an unusual twist. Grats on Silver
Great hits of Color,contrast, and craziness. Congrats on your silver Tim.
Great chop Tim, wonderful work as always.

Funny Shark Attack

Shark Attack
Member reactions:
Lol great use of a tried and true Putin image.
I don't think I've seen Putin riding a shark before. Another Freaking News first.

Funny The Attack

The Attack
Member reactions:
Bogey The Final Hole of the Masters and... Yikes...
Stunning image, Hidden. Phenomenal big view, I especially like the dynamism in this entry.
Congrads on the Silver, always great work.
Congrads on the Silver, always great work.
Great motion effect on background, good chop... Congrats on your silver.
Congrats on the Silver, this is a great one.
Congrats Manos Freakshow winner 😎
Yes perfect idea for the screaming head, grats.
Congrats on the Silver Cup, Mano. Reminds me of an earlier chop of yours. Works great here too..

Funny Cage Attacks!

Cage Attacks!

Funny Clone attack

Clone attack
Member reactions:
Nice composition. Seems like the guy coming out of the screen should be brighter--like a TV image would be. Still good over all.
Good Idea, Hidden. Hopefully this turns out better than a zombie attack might.

Funny Zombie Attack

Zombie Attack
Member reactions:
A unique work Mano, congrats on the Silver.

Funny Attack

Member reactions:
Top5Congrats, DD. This one kinda reaches out and grabs ya. Super Image.
Great blending, looks authentic. Excellent D.Dog..

Funny Brain Cyber Attack from Russia with Love

Brain Cyber Attack from Russia with Love

Funny Duck Attack

Duck Attack
Photoshop this image of duck (click to download) any way you wish. Some examples are: dress up this duck, change merge it with some other birds or animals, make the duck perform some stunts, use this duck image in advertisements, movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas. Many thanks to baerchen57 for providing the source photo.

Funny When Euro-Veggies Attack

When Euro-Veggies Attack
The global scare of the European vegetables with E.Coli infection is spreading fast. Days after the outbreak in Germany and the rest of Europe, Russia, the biggest EU vegetable importer, completely banned the import of fresh EU vegetables. Saudi Arabia went one step further and banned not only fresh EU veggies, but also any canned vegetable products from the EU. A source from The White House said the US could outlaw the imports of the EU vegetables in the coming days. They are scary, they are infectious, they are outlaws... they are Euro veggies! Create images of any vegetables attacking humans, or otherwise causing any harm to humans.

Funny Raccoons Attack

Raccoons Attack
"So called 'urban raccoons' attack the City of Olympia in Washington. So far they killed 10 cats, have bitten one dog, and one pet owner (not necessarily in that order). Residents arm themselves against raccoon attacks." You probably read about these raccoons recently in The New York Times, a daily newspaper with a circulation of 18 trillion. Of course you don't believe a word of it. You think publications like The New York Times make everything up. So did I, and when I first saw their story, for the moment I thought I was reading the scenario to Martin Scorsese's "Gangs of New York". Yet, The New York Times and every other major newspaper claims that 'urban raccoons are for real and they are not afraid'. Newspapers don't actually tell you there are 23,520,102, 370,754,235,929 raccoons in Washington, who are starting a guerrilla war, but they let you be the detective and put two and two together. That and the fact that you should stay a way from Olympia, Washington for the time being. Because if there's anything raccoons like to do is to have their way with your pets, steal your credit cards, and torture you with the most horrible country music. I might have the wrong list here. Anyhow, you've gotta remember that every raccoon who attacks Washingtonian is a friend of a man has a short life span. Keeping that in mind I think we should try the approach which proved to work in the past. You catch all male raccoons in Washington, sterilize them and drop them from airplanes onto the affected area, where they mate with the females, who don't get pregnant, and there you are. That, or catch all the female raccoons and put them on pills. Until then we need to help The New York Times (and other newspapers) with the pictures of these raccoons which they failed to publish in their stories. Thus, in this contest you are asked to photoshop 'raccoons behaving badly' - meaning raccoons causing a threat, or problems to humans.

Funny Celebrity Food Attack

Celebrity Food Attack
Show celebrities, politicians or other famous faces subjected to a food attack from vegetables, eggs, creme pies, tobacco juice or any food you might think to "pelt" them with!

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