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Funny Atomic Pictures

Post Atomic RamboFunny Post Atomic Rambo
Member reactions:
FANTASTIC, excellent use of the topaz. I like it. Good luck for you.
Another MASTERPIECE of yours, superchopper...
thanks a lot ... joaon i just found the topaz filter and i'm learning to use it ... i think that this work has come pretty well ....
grazie mille rrrrrrrrrrrroooooobbbbbbbbby, ma insomma... non ci sentiamo pił, mi manchi svizzerottolo... rimpiango sempre i bei giorni passati.... mi manchi davvero molto, fatti sentire amico mio. ------------- un abbraccio -------- rrrrrrrrrrrroooooobbbbbbbbby thanks a lot, but anyway ... we do not feel, i miss the swiss ... always regret the good old days .... i miss you very much, my friend made ​​to feel. an embrace
thank you chili... very great chop, yeees thank you...
an also a great thank you for the friend rajeshstar... bye rajeshstar
Excellent work amico hidden . . . especially love the crooked nose . . . Wooooodennnnnn congrats . . . Solid work as usual . . .
thank you all guys: zapscar twister spitfire46 roonma robinbobin rajeshstar qtrmoonshop psmandrake pixjockey picasso18 otzie nonno newsmaster nepaguy59 mia64 maroon5 marksdesign macwithfries lucianomorelli kellie johnx1 jayl1 icecream hobbit90 hillybill grumpyotj groundzero geriatric disasterman111 diamonds dexter designerkratos cicsaix chili blooddiamond blackhole aintme thank again again again
great work ricky .. i like this one more .. Congrats on the wooody keep going

Atomic CowFunny Atomic Cow
Member reactions:

Love this concept and it is true-er everyday. Who knows what levels have changed after the Japanese catastrophe.(.) Good Luck.
awesome job..Congrats on the gold Rarely, well done mate...

The Atomic Mercedes BenzFunny The Atomic Mercedes Benz
Member reactions:
"You really wouldn't want to eat this guys dust unless you happened to be Homer Simpson." . source 1 source 2 source 3
Excellent Blend, excellent. I honestly thought that it was just a Popular Science cover.
This image proves your hard work. All the best
"THX for the accolade guys, a silver Merc would be nice indeed."
that's freaky cool work Wiz congrats on the silver ..

Atomic Colider SmasherFunny Atomic Colider Smasher
Member reactions:

Atom Smasher Restarts to Prepare for New Science
I'v been waiting & waiting for this to get right. The chop is full of tiny details, gr8 wk...thx.
Good luck.
Congrads Funkster, gold now and gold in hockey the canadians win again. Record for most golds at the olympics and FN, brother can you spare a dine.
Congrats teacher freaking Awesome as always ...
Congrats FW, I near thought Rain had returned very like his style his sorta subject...well presented.
, its totally perfect... gr10 i think. Congratulation, funkwood...

Atomic GlowFunny Atomic Glow
Member reactions:

Keeping it simple Check out full..
This is nice, though the contest directions state: "Photoshop nuclear theme into works of art - paintings, drawings and statues. Easy enough to edit this & put in a painting
Yes my dyslexic brain saw "turn it into a work of art" .. so i thought easy enuff
Jman1a is always twisting things around

Fatman Atomic ClockFunny Fatman Atomic Clock
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Atomic GrannyFunny Atomic Granny
Member reactions:

Atomic KissFunny Atomic Kiss
Member reactions:

Atomic Sushi BarFunny Atomic Sushi Bar
Member reactions:

The Atomic AchieverFunny The Atomic Achiever
Member reactions:

And now, I'm going to blow up Disneyland.
Hehe. I love the triumphant pose and the concept, but I would have preferred to have seen this in front of a real scene to give it some needed context.

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