Somalia Gets Its First ATM in the Jungle
Somalia Gets Its First ATM in the Jungle
Somalia Gets Its First ATM in the Jungle. Somalia opens its first ATM Pictured here is the president of Somalia, using the ATM
Member reactions:
Finally, the pirates' prayers have been answered, hahaha. Good job, Hidden.

Funny Personal Mobile Atm

Personal Mobile Atm
ATM Fees - Gripes Send Bank Customers Fleeing
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Right. Love the little Son & Daughter Monsterpieces. Good luck.
Hahaha, thanks for the chop - it's freaking hysterical - for me at least.

Funny ATM Looter

ATM Looter
Move Over Clown..

Funny Gravesite ATM

Gravesite ATM
Homeless Man Gets Inheritance Credit and thanks to John McPherson of "Close To Home" comic for this idea: Close To Home Comic - 6/8/11
Member reactions:
Sad and hilarious at the same time. Witty satire

Funny Macintosh ATM

Macintosh ATM

Funny Skeleton Waiting at an ATM

Skeleton Waiting at an ATM

Funny Doll ATM for Girls

Doll ATM for Girls
A doll a little girl will learn to love.
Member reactions:
Cute ATM machine. Women would withdraw even more using it I think.

Funny Pizza Hut ATM

Pizza Hut  ATM
My first entry, hope it does well and hope you all like it. Feel free to comment on it, dont worry i wont cry, and put some helpful comments in there.
Member reactions:
Not bad...but what does the pizza taste like. The pizza needs to be desaturated a little bit perhaps and add some shadowing to it.
And while you're adding shadow to the pizza (I'm now hungry), you should also clean up the masking around the top of the crust. Welcome to the site.
Yeah, what they said. Especially the hungry part, wish my ATM did that. Nice job
quality first entry. & forget about the saturation level whoever heard of pizza high in desaturated fat anyway.
I think this is a great entry, shame the pizza looks a tad overcooked. Welcome to FN. Happy chopping.
Good first entry. I like the concept. You might try to use some shadow around the screen area (3 cheese stuffed) so that it looks sunken in rather than on top... perhaps make that a bit smaller than the original screen. Also, shadows around the edges of the pizza would make it look like it is resting on the APM (Automatic Pizza Machine)
I think it is the green peppers that make the pizza look dark, maybe some more cheese would give it a lighter effect. Very good first entry.

Funny Gonk ATM

Gonk ATM

Funny No Cash at the ATM

No Cash at the ATM

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