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Funny Athlete Pictures

Italian Bobsled Athlete Is DisqualifiedFunny Italian Bobsled Athlete Is Disqualified
Member reactions:
Italian bobsled athlete is disqualified for doping.
Hi mate. fan/tastic chop. So many references to Italian. Very well done. I love your style, viral, and excellent. Thank you very much. doping ps.
Great caricature...probably was yust a problem of sauce .
very interesting dish Nice expression. Quality stuff
Me feels hungry for some Italian food after looking at this chop. Great job, Hidden.
fantastic job, i love the idea of ​​the bob made ​​of bread. 10+++
Subsledding, that is a novel idea. Wouldn't be hart to get a subway sponsorship Fine chop Doc, congrats
Congratulations. If it has to do with Food then it's a Dr. 'C' original.
Thanks, Elegary. Thanks, G-Man. Thanks, Armatien.

The only female Afghani athleteFunny The only female Afghani athlete
Member reactions:

Pricw would have been a good addition So would a black burka.

Well-Armed Super AthleteFunny Well-Armed Super Athlete
Member reactions:

Really nice job in changing her clothes ...
Excellent... great chop with this source all hands busy and awesome job with shadow also
woooooooooow-nderful work my friend, kalý indian sports goddess
Very smooth Chop you did Paul with the way you put everything together , Silver Congrats ....
Congratulations Dr. 'C'. Each FN member has a "Tell" displayed by their artistry and yours is the timeless necessity of life,i.e., 'Humor'. I, always, manage a smile after viewing your entries. Well-done.
Thanks, everybody. Yeah...I have a "Tell," G-Man.

Robot AthleteFunny Robot Athlete
Member reactions:

This is actually a 2 part story Tiny robot to attempt Hawaii Ironman triathlon Panasonic's Evolta robot completes Ironman Triathlon, promptly rehydrates
Some shadows on the robot, better ones on the sand and all the various parts would really make this great.
Thanks pcrdds Should be a bit better now
This is great all over. Very sharp and colours are rich.
Thanks everyone. Tough competition in this contest

Elephant Athlete RunningFunny Elephant Athlete Running
Member reactions:

, lovely work. Beautiful colors and a nice perspective
and the way you bended the ground and made the elephant water himself... beauty.
Gr8 piece of wk, water effects make this.
This elephant is a champ and it won the silver in a tight race. Congrats on your first advanced trophy, rober.
Congrats on the silver. Beautiful and very well done.
rober... ha i love it.. great feeling,,.. congratulationssss

Athlete with a Twisted BodyFunny Athlete with a Twisted Body
Member reactions:

Barack Obama the AthleteFunny Barack Obama the Athlete
Member reactions:

Silver congrats Helios. Clever work, and well deserved trophy.

Skeleton AthleteFunny Skeleton Athlete
Member reactions:

U.S. Skeleton Athlete Is Barred From Olympics

Athlete ChiracFunny Athlete Chirac
Member reactions:

Maybe your idea of sexy, certainly not mine Hee hee...nice work
Nice job - can you do that for me.

Phelps Voted 2012 Top Male AthleteFunny Phelps Voted 2012 Top Male Athlete
Member reactions:

Michael Phelps is AP's top male athlete

Young AthleteFunny Young Athlete - This Friday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Photoshop this image of athlete boy with jump rope (image credit: Santa Catalina School) any way you wish. Some examples are - making the athlete boy perform some stunts and sports activities with the jump rope, photoshopping other participants, using this athlete boy with jump rope image in movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas.

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