The Asylum .
The Asylum .
The Asylum .. Member reactions:
Congrats hobbit quality as usual 😎👍🏼
Ha, Excellent realism Lol. Congrats on the Wood Hobbit.
, clean as always Hobbit. Congrats on the win..
Great Concept. Congrats on the Win, Hobbbit.

Funny The Asylum's Groundskeeper

The Asylum's Groundskeeper
Member reactions:
Cool work with the freaking hat and face, Crow is super classic idea for the crazy theme I like it
Quality chop. I woold make his head darker and his eyes more bright.
Love the HDR full grain effects. Where did you get the insane asylum source if you don't mind me asking.
Thanks Eric,Luciano,Hit and Splat.Hit,I used a photo of a hospital raw,and in full color,and I changed the sky,color and texture of the photograph.
This is link to the original state mental hospital picture I used.
Debbie you are getting better and better. Job well done.

Funny What Goes on in the Asylum

What Goes on in the Asylum
Strangeness abounds
Member reactions:
Great Hospital and patients condition are very pathetic situation
it looks like an asylum made for aliens. . good job
This is truly a mad house. The left two figures do need some shadows too, unless they are vampires of course

Funny Edward Snowden in a Moscow Insane Asylum

Edward Snowden in a Moscow Insane Asylum
Member reactions:
Very Funny. But unfortunately Snowden is political card in the game. He will have everything to show advantage Putin's regime.
You were overdue, sir. You may be channeling Nostradamas, I can see this happening ha. Nice work and a big cup of termite food for your efforts

Funny Shades Of The Asylum

Shades Of The Asylum
Member reactions:
Brilliant sources for sure Cool chop hidden
Spooky and twisted. Congrats on the bronze, andwhat.

Funny The Asylum

The Asylum
The Asylum

Funny Asylum For Insane Identical Twins

Asylum For Insane Identical Twins
Member reactions:
the cops rushing to the scene.
Well done in putting them as identical they deserves to be in Aslyum

Funny The Muppet Asylum

The Muppet Asylum
"From The Big Stage-To The Back Wards"This Is What Too Much Fame And A Steady Supply Of Bath Salts Will Do To You.
Member reactions:
Even Muppets got their own Asylum they must gone crazy in their cell wanted to see this chop as a Movie... IMDB rating 6.5 very funny
Funny show... Green puppet out of control Hangover ha..

Funny Autumn Asylum

Autumn Asylum

Funny Sarah Palin in the Asylum

Sarah Palin in the Asylum

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