A gourmand astronomer
A gourmand astronomer
A gourmand astronomer. Member reactions:
Nicely matched painting style. Congrats on the Silver, Denlig.

Funny JFK The Astronomer

JFK The Astronomer
Member reactions:
sams, JoaoN...... thanks for your support.
Combination and presentation is really good. all the best

Funny Santa Astronomer Painting

Santa Astronomer Painting
Please view original painting
Member reactions:
Lots of nice little details in this.
This is a beauty, Deb. Lots of details here - full view is a must.

Funny The Astronomer with a Jack-O-Lantern

The Astronomer with a Jack-O-Lantern
The Astronomer was pleased with his work for this years festivities.
Member reactions:
The monotone look is very good and fits in nicely with the rest of the image. Perhaps just a slight reflection of the orange/yellow light on the edge of his hand or on the papers infront of him since you have retained the light source within the pumpkin. A very nice entry.
Thanks guys, my first win, I couldn't quite get the right texture on the skin to match the canvas, there's always next time .
Congratulations on your first gold, CS. This work was a winner, hands down.

Funny Astronomer with a Lava Lamp by Vermeer

Astronomer with a Lava Lamp by Vermeer
Poor chap is bemused. Source.. http://www.freakingnews.com/web/media/13225/astronome.jpg
Member reactions:
your monitor need some adjustments or calibration, please go to another monitor and see the diference. Added ellements are more sharp and saturate from original paint. Position and scale are son well.
This is quite amusing. Good imagination, but the added items are a bit too bright & sharp for the softness & muted colors of the original painting.

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