Assault on Lady Liberty
Assault on Lady Liberty
Assault on Lady Liberty .

Funny Diddy Assaults UCLA Football Coach

Diddy Assaults UCLA Football Coach
P. Diddy arrested for assault
Member reactions:
the shoes.
Sort of makes me giggle but I am actually getting sick of hearing about all these unbelievably wealthy privileged jerks running around like they are entitled to float above the rest of us, untouched. Good chop though.
Thanks, luciano, Newsy and Tim. I'm with you, Tim.

Funny Bill Cosby Sexual Assault Allegations

Bill Cosby Sexual Assault Allegations
Bill Cosby's Guest Appearance With Letterman Canceled
Member reactions:
Very nice. a twofer 2. Congrats on the silver
Congrats Gold and Silver, funkwood. Excellent...
Fantastic work, this one is creepy. Congrats.
Impressive ... Bill Cosby sure has some skeletons in his closet. Congrats on the silver too, Funk.

Funny Cookie Monster Assaults Toddler

Cookie Monster Assaults Toddler
A man dressed as "Cookie Monster" pushed a toddler in Times Square, NY
Member reactions:
Fantastic composition of the Cookie pushing a toddler well deserved job done and like the Toddler expression and that lady is stunned to see that

Funny Piers Morgan in a Dalek Making an Assault on Assault Weapons

Piers Morgan in a Dalek Making an Assault on Assault Weapons
Gun control thug
Member reactions:
Great caricature and freaky smile good one... the Ghost rider is dying now
I knew this style looked familiar, always good work. We still having fun, hope U are doing the same.Oh an my two cups this year saved me from chopping 160 picture for the same coin, there is a god, when the best sit out.
Tough competition but, you slipped one in HS.
Hah, yep it's my style. I'd have more fun if a cup was in it for my efforts but it's pretty cool to see someone nail down all 4. That's a real accomplishent. Anyway, your trophy was well earned in any contest, D. It was a good chop pal

Funny Prince Harry Charged with Aggravated Assault

Prince Harry Charged with Aggravated Assault
Member reactions:
Good job done in designing that daily....

Funny Assault Frog

Assault Frog
Member reactions:
Good job, but not matching with the Contest Title

Funny Toy Story 4: Assault on a Pussy Cat

Toy Story 4: Assault on a Pussy Cat

Funny Assault Guitar Rifle

Assault Guitar Rifle
Some Sources
Member reactions:
Patent this design. You could make a fortune.
I knew a guy when I was a kid that had a guitar similar to this, so it was sort of inspired by that. His name was Falcon, not sure if he had a patent on that guitar but he did make a few guitars for Peavey. He has a store downtown and I met him several times. He had tons of personal guitars.
nice to see a les paul here. i think it's the only gibson. Les would have laughed. NICE WORK.
Les paul was associated with Gibson for a time ...who knows how many guitars they produced. This chop looks fine-tuned.
I like the Anarchy sticker on the Scope. Hilarious.
Yeah, it has been done before but maybe not quite as well as this. Super job...
Excellent work JL, congrats. Got to get me one of those.
Una buena ejecucion. Felicidades por el oro.
Nice, glad this best in contest got the Gold it deserved.
Congratulations, Jerry. A very neat work and a well-deserved gold trophy.
(In Tune with the Springer Show): Jerry Jerry Jerry. Congrats on the gold. This was a definite "hit".
jerry that was Fantstic one you can check my first comment , really deserved gold and keep up great work like that man Kratos
This one is awesome... the first one... and was pretty much impossible to come up with a better idea.
Congrats Jerry, excellent entry and very well deserved victory...
You did such a great job. I want to play "Another One Bites the Dust" on it. ha ha. Congratulations.

Funny Assault Vehicle

Assault Vehicle

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