Assassins Red Neck XBox Game
Assassins Red Neck XBox Game
Assassins Red Neck XBox Game. YeeeeeeeeeHaaaaaaaaa
Member reactions:
Yeeeeee haahaahhahaaahhahaa you mean. Fun chop.
Decent chop, but I wish the image was larger

Funny The Wizard with an Owl and the Assassin

The Wizard with an Owl and the Assassin
Assassins creed revelations,video game.....featuring D-man(the Wizard) and azrainman (the Assassin). *PLEASE VIEW IN FULL*
Member reactions:
Thanks,pcrdds,D-man and BOULPIX.....I thought it turned out pretty good,glad you agree.
Wonderful job. Very Impressive work done.
the great mystical and supernatural pic seen here its superb with the lighting flash and the wild birds
Thanks, for the comments peeps are the best......
I was pretty sure this was you BW nicely done, I especially like the D-man character great clarity and light effect on the Assassin's armour

Funny Anakin, the Sith Assassin

Anakin, the Sith Assassin

Funny Tina Turner the Assassin

Tina Turner the Assassin
Member reactions:
Awesome. She's still got what it takes to be "Simply the Best"
Nice entry .. reminds me of Whitney Houston for some reason.
Hehehe trying out some new wall effects are ye. Gold bud....
Congrats.Now i know you made this perfect pic.
Congrads Funkster, more gold to buy your way into the Olympics. Excellent as always.
Funkster literally did a "killer" chop this time. Congrats on the win. Nice reference to "Freaking" too
Thanx all. I've been trying to utilize some source pics from a killer women in leather site I discovered.
MAN. Fantastic. Congrats gold,funkwood.....
Yikes. Stunning work Funkwood. Never disappointed-always inspired.

Funny Assassin Wanted Poster

Assassin Wanted Poster
it's a photos from batman I think you know it and I hope you will like it
Member reactions:
Quality work, but I wish it looked more like Wanted Poster
Cool chop. Should have placed higher up in my opinion.

Funny Cerebral Assassin Ballet

Cerebral Assassin Ballet
Member reactions:
couldnt find something better for this pciture lOL

Funny Magritte's Assassin Holding a Kalashnikov

Magritte's Assassin Holding a Kalashnikov
How can such a pretty lady be so cold hearted.

Funny Assassin's Creed

Assassin's Creed
The Assassin is yours truly.

Funny Raccoon Assassin with a Shotgun

Raccoon Assassin with a Shotgun
Member reactions:
Funny as New Jersey but I dont think those shells will fit into that shotgun.
New Jersey.thats funny as Hell.
that is the freaking weirdest terrorist I ever seen. Good work, very well done

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