Funny ASS-AD

Member reactions:
Ha ha ha nice look

Funny Bad Ass Beer

Bad Ass Beer
"...and it packs a wallop too."

Funny George Papandreou AKA Horse's Ass

George Papandreou AKA Horse's Ass

Funny Barack Obama Silly Ass

Barack Obama Silly Ass
Member reactions:
, excellent. I love the blending here - even the fur getting over the collar was done delicately

Funny Kiss Your Ass Goodbye

Kiss Your Ass Goodbye
... what more can I say. Oh, you better get your donkey before it's too late.
Member reactions:
I was 100% certain this one was the gold based just on comic factor alone. Looking this over, flipping the pic is a good idea. It let the imaging make the first comment and then the eye goes to the sign. Very smart... errr wish I thought of it
Thanks hitspinner. Too many good entries to have called this contest.

Funny Smart Ass

Smart Ass
This really is one smart ass.I wonder who the forgetful elephant is voting for.
Member reactions:
looks cool, I like the idea. Just one thing, the sign has hair like the donkey. Maybe use the smudge tool a little to change the texture of the sign.

Funny Oscars - Who Gives a Rats Ass

Oscars - Who Gives a Rats Ass
I'm sick of the oscars. These are my sentiments.
Member reactions:
Yes, a big night of Hollywood self-worship.
This is genius poster. Congratulations on your first trophy, drharddryve.

Funny Ass Sauce

Ass Sauce
Despite it's vast target audience, "Ass Sauce" was never quite the hit the company expected.
Member reactions:
Ass Sauce. What would you put THAT on...
I'm more worried about where it came from than where its going
I'm not sure what that means, or would be used for, but it's funny as hell.. Gotta love that donkey

Funny Obama on a Horses Ass

Obama on a Horses Ass
Finally a place for Obama, next to his only friend.It suits him well.
Member reactions:
I think that you have disrespected horses all over the world and you should apologize to them.
I sincerly apologize to these noble creatures. But I still stand firm on my beliefs.

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