Statue of Asparagus
Statue of Asparagus
Statue of Asparagus.

Funny Asparagus Man

Asparagus Man

Funny Asparagus Botox Treatment

Asparagus Botox Treatment
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Congrats on the twofer Wanderer I love this one.

Funny Asparagus Love

Asparagus Love

Funny Asparagus is packed full of goodness

Asparagus is packed full of goodness

Funny Asparagus diet for fatty boy

Asparagus diet for fatty boy
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I hope picture wouldn't remove from contest.
Love it, congrats, wish it could be done to him and put dynamite on the end.
Seriously funny. Congrats on the wood win.

Funny Asparagus MAGA

Asparagus MAGA

Funny Blue Asparagus

Blue Asparagus
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Looks interesting but I dunno if I'd venture to eat it
Blue food is just wrong, but this chop is so right

Funny Asparagus

You could put you eye out with that.

Funny Attack of the Killer Asparagus

Attack of the Killer Asparagus
first there was the Killer Tomatoes now Asparaguss

Funny Healthy Asparagus

Healthy Asparagus
Asparagus is packed full of goodness including vitamin A, an essential nutrient that helps to protect our eyes, skin and immune system, plus vitamin C which helps to strengthen our capillaries and is involved in collagen formation. Asparagus is also a good source of vitamin K, used in bone formation and blood clotting, and may reduce the risk of diabetes. Asparagus also contains folic acid, important for making blood cells. Folic acid is also an essential nutrient during pregnancy as it is needed for foetal development. Just 150g of asparagus will provide the total recommended daily intake of folic acid for most adults (200mg). The NHS recommends that pregnant women get 400mg folic acid a day. Submit any ASPARAGUS THEMED images. PLEASE NOTE: LIMIT 3 ENTRIES PER PLAYER. For more on this story Visit This Link

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