Jackie Chan The 40 Year Old Asian
Jackie Chan The 40 Year Old Asian
Jackie Chan The 40 Year Old Asian. It is obvious the alignment of the composite face could use more tweaking, but I think that will lend to the effort of the piece. Hope you all enjoy it.
Member reactions:
The 60 year old would have been perfect, decent merge.
ha ha ha this was for a regular Asian guy not for him
Quality work. I agree for his 60th birthday would be perfect to change this to "60 year old"

Funny Asian Beauty Digital Portrait

Asian Beauty Digital Portrait

Funny Red Asian Warrior Princess

Red Asian Warrior Princess
Asian Warrior Princess
Member reactions:
Nice, but putting in sources sometimes makes it easier for people to know what to vote in relation to what you did.
I see what u mean Mac, lovely source though if I didnt see ur link I wouldv voted a whole diff way. Also the watermark really is a distraction & FN contests are about anonymity. Good luck anyways
Nice work of Background it matches and looks original

Funny Asian Beauty

Asian Beauty
Member reactions:
Nice one Yosi-I should have known this was your work.

Funny Asian Barack Obama

Asian Barack Obama
Member reactions:
Funny, but the blurry right ear pulls the eyes that way
one minor critique: I'd fix the top of the left eyebrow - it looks a tad faded/washed out
OMG Hysterical.... I LOVE IT... CONGRATS...
Thanks all. This one was really a lot of fun. There's a couple good pointers I noticed about the ear and eyebrow, just never had time to fix it. I don't have a clue what the chinese writing means... would be interesting to find out. I found it thru google and it looked cool, .
This was actually my favorite in the contest. Congrats on TWO trophies.
I didn't notice any flubs particularly. Nice double whammie, Funkster.

Funny Asian Nights

Asian Nights
Member reactions:
Creative and twisted. Love what you did with the star(s)
Lot of eye candy. Luv the Hole-ly Napoleon.
I thought this was yours. Congrats on #2. PS I see your next entry will be #100..
Nr 100 already. Where does the time go. Oh wait, i know. It goes into the void called Photoshop. Thanks for the support guys.

Funny Asian

Member reactions:
Excellent chop. Change to the roofline is a good touch
good job. like their both facial expression.
Nice work. Only critique is to maybe soften the edges to make them blend in better to the painting.
Quality photoshopping. Keb has a good point on the edges of figures.
... This is awesome... I'm sure the Japanese will be happy when they see they have their own version of the "American Gothic" painting.

Funny Asian tiger mosquitoes

Asian tiger mosquitoes
Asian tiger mosquitoes. The mosquitoes are aggressive biters. (full view is larger) (source)
Member reactions:
excellent entry, the tiger mosquito looks perfect, very nice texture too
nice chop, i hope not see this at Puerto Rico
Congratulations Hygglobert, great work and well deserved silver

Funny Linda Wakiaumi Reporting on the Asian Bird Flu

Linda Wakiaumi Reporting on the Asian Bird Flu
And back to you Chuck.
Member reactions:
I heard this chick's got quite a bit of fur down under...
I really love the concept, but...the zipper looks kind of strange to me. Maybe the tailor should have put in an "invisible" one.
I agree the image is *great*, but the zipper is definitely out of place and weakens the image a bit. Still, one heck of a good entry
What Zipper

Funny Asian Woman Behind a Palm Leaf Digital Art

Asian Woman Behind a Palm Leaf Digital Art
Digital art
Member reactions:
Very nicely done, errrrr hidden. Almost spilled the beans

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