Artist Painting Children
Artist Painting Children
Artist Painting Children. Member reactions:
Nicely done... Life imitates art far more than art imitates Life. ~Oscar Wilde~
Fantastic the source is turned as an art piece good thinking on this

Funny Digital Artist Master and His Tools

Digital Artist Master and His Tools
Is it any wonder his work is so good. Salis2006 is one of the best there is and I enjoy making fun of him because he's a great sport about it.
Member reactions:
, sure i always keep a spare billy dancer in my tent for inspiration, thanks for revealing my secrets hidden, and thanks for giving me such a great body, something i used to have before i start CHOPPING
I gotta get one of these
...that goat needs a cheesburger, he's too skinny.
"All Hail to the Chief-of-Chop:Salis2006." Fantastic rendition of the Man beneath the mechanical arm.
Well done to reveal your secret Salis great work in this chop with all robotic arms and the chop machines and freaky camel peeping from out...
Looks like Salis got extra chopping hands and those hands are so beautiful, Brilliant work hidden.
Congratulations. It appears that Salis2006 is the Man-of-the-Hour.
Congratulation old Mr. P. and thanks for the giggles
Thanks, Young Mr. pleasure and thanks again for being such a good sport.
Ha. Congrats on the Gold. Lucky for you he has a good sense of humor (haha).
Hilarious, and skillfully chopped. Congrats on the gold, Paul.
It all makes sense now. Gold congrats Paul, great and funny as usual.
Thanks, Newsy. Thanks, Lady Sunshin3. Yes, he has an unfair advantage.

Funny Tattoo Artists Falls Asleep

Tattoo Artists Falls Asleep
Member reactions:
Great idea. Love the trailing "squiggle" on the tat.
Get him up or else the whole body will be covered with tattoo... very funny sleep ...
Freestyle tattoo, ha ha ha really great concept
Congratulations. Another winning chop Slixter.

Funny Graffiti Artist in an Old Hallway

Graffiti Artist in an Old Hallway
Member reactions:
Like this new idea A graffiti artist.....

Funny Barack is Michelle Obama's New Makeup Artist

Barack is Michelle Obama's New Makeup Artist
It costs $15000 a day for Michelle Obama to look this way, heaven knows how much now. People with no jobs,no food on thier table and she needs this, we'll all go and take turns doing it for that kind of money. Is she really that creepy under that paint, let Hubby do it ,give him the money and let him pay the dept he put our country in.
Member reactions:
Great chop ... very funny and looking quite realistic. Perfect face choices.
It isn't about the People-it's about being the First Lady.
Hahaha....funniest chop I've seen for a while
so lovely this image is... Obama is painting her love with the color good job done
hahah that's really cool work hobbit .. you changed alot and do better lately

Funny Rick Santorum the Graffiti Artist

Rick Santorum the Graffiti Artist
"I think Mitt Romney had Rick in mind for this job for a long time."
Member reactions:
Most brilliant..Wonderful shadows great clothing, so smooth. Lovely photoshop.Full marks

Funny Artist David Choe Scores with Facebook

Artist David Choe Scores with Facebook
Graffiti artist David Choe could be worth $500 million thanks to Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook. Mr. Choe said Facebook originally offered him $60,000 to paint murals in the company's Palo Alto offices in 2005. Today, he said, the stock he took instead of the $60,000 could be worth more than $500 million.
Member reactions:
Thank you very much pcrdds. I'm a long time fan of David Choe and dispite not having found a good high resolution photo of him, I still wanted to share the story.
Love the way you placed Mark and expressions are wonderful. Money glow is the natural
Going public make the Public Richer, especially for the painters Nice funny expression on Mark and Graffti great going
It's nice to wake up and find new complimentary comments. Thank you balodiya, Malcolmxy, ericnorthend and rajeshstar.
Nice work SteveGSQ . . . wish I had some of them stocks
Hilarious chop. I guess Choe has a last laugh though with all his money now, .

Funny Expressions of a Mime Artist

Expressions of a Mime Artist
Member reactions:
Good work, different expressions with eyes and whole face nicely done

Funny Magritte Surreal Artist

Magritte Surreal Artist
Artist:Rene Magritte Completion Date: 1937 Place of Creation: Brussels, Belgium Style:Surrealism Period:Brussels pre-war and war years Genre:allegorical painting Technique:oil Material: canvas Dimensions: 47.6 x 31.3 cm Gallery: Private Collection
Member reactions:
Mr.Potato..some 1 is spoofing frm window. nicely done

Funny Chimp Artist wih a Beard

Chimp Artist wih a Beard
Member reactions:
Vincent Van Chimp . . . . . . nice work.
Bronze congrats hobbit90 . . . and extra congrats on being featured . . .
I like that you did the hands too. Congrats on the bronze, Hobbit.

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