Strange Artifacts
Strange Artifacts
Strange Artifacts.

Funny Isis Apes Destroy Artifacts

Isis Apes Destroy Artifacts
Artifact Thugs ISIS thugs destroy priceless ancient art
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Excellent and a bit scary too... then again so is their vandalism
I would have expected ,ore outrage considering we are all supposed to be artists. Thanks for the comments, guys.
I expected this one definitely to place. Go figure.
Though not meant to, it may have caused some discomfort with folks sensitive to the subject. Sometimes chops that deal with Islamic bad apples don't do very well and that is understandable. But it is current news, chop-able stuff and that is what we do. It actually takes courage to take these idiots to task because they can't laugh at themselves and tend to get all violently angry and kill people that object to their BS.

Funny Ancient Artifact Found

Ancient Artifact Found
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- the story is my favorite part. at The only element of the tablet that gives me the impression that the tablet is really old is the occurrence of the Larry King advertisement.
I wanted to add more clichés but I ran out of room. I also want to abbreviate the Centers for Unusual and Normal Things but thought I better not. I put the text in the picture. It was just too long. So view full

Funny Robot Looking for Artifacts

Robot Looking for Artifacts
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A touch of Dali about this

Funny bling artifact

bling artifact
BLING. Please view full

Funny Amelia Earhart Artifact?

Amelia Earhart Artifact?
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Knowing about those goggles dates yourself hahahahah. That's a pretty novel idea. Nice sepia magic

Funny Angela Merkel Stealing Egyptian Artifacts

Angela Merkel Stealing Egyptian Artifacts
Germans convicted of stealing from Egypt’s great pyramid

Funny Old Ancient Artifacts Apple PC

Old Ancient Artifacts Apple PC
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Someday our childrens children will really see this in a musuem and think , its larger than I thought. Good Work.
This could be possible.... somewhere near year 2113

Funny Tame Artifacts with Graffiti

Tame Artifacts with Graffiti
was bored and did this, Its Tame1 from the Artifacts. He told me it was "Hot 2 Def" heheh and made it his facebook profile pic

Funny Egyptian Artifacts

Egyptian Artifacts
Somewhere deep inside the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, 95 pieces of King Tut’s beloved treasures were locked away in storage. But now, the previously forgotten artifacts will see the light as they’re put on display in a new exhibition for the first time. Create new Egyptian artifacts or create Egyptian themed images from existing famous landmarks, entertainers, or personalities. PLEASE NOTE: LIMIT 3 ENTRIES PER PLAYER. For more on this story Visit This Link

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