Obama pop art
Obama pop art
Obama pop art. Member reactions:
the last photo.

Funny Andy Warhol in Leonardo da Vinci Art studio

Andy Warhol in Leonardo da Vinci Art studio
Andy Warhol in Leonardo da Vinci Art studio or Talented Plagiarist Leo

Funny Lawn Art

Lawn Art
Neighbors find man's lawn art disturbing
Member reactions:
, looks like a disaster waiting to happen.
His neighbor wouldn't mind if she were Pink.

Funny Girl Digital Art

Girl Digital Art
Mixed Media

Funny Art vs Reality

Art vs Reality
Member reactions:
The black & white with color is effective.

Funny Woman with Horse, Digital Art

Woman with Horse, Digital Art
Yesterday was a bright, sunny, warm day and if I had a horse, I would have had a ride on it. Today is not so good; it's cool, cloudy, and with showers. Digital art.

Funny The Thinker Contemplates PI Baffles Art World

The Thinker Contemplates PI Baffles Art World
A creative feat of mathematical proportions

Funny Fund Raiser at the Art Gallery

Fund Raiser at the Art Gallery
Mixed Media. I drew and painted all of this piece with the exception of the picture in the middle and the picture on the right of the wall.

Funny Dr. Bean - Art Expert and Painting Restoration Master

Dr. Bean - Art Expert and Painting Restoration Master
First time we can see rear side of painting Rene Magritte "L'invention de la vie" (The Invention of Life), 1927-1928 Art expert Dr.Bean helped us to see. It is not first time Dr Bean shows excellent skills. First time was Whistler's Mother. Click to Link: Staining Whistler's Mother
Member reactions:
Brilliant. definitely out of the box. Top 5 congrats... I love this one
Inspection mirror great touch. T-5 congrat

Funny Lady with a Bunch of Flowers Digital Art

Lady with a Bunch of Flowers Digital Art
This was just a pretty picture to paint with the flowers.
Member reactions:
Nice Vivid Colors. Sybil has a very pleasing expression to her face.
Lovely collection of flowers in the buckeye that gives charm to her face obviously beautiful work
You cheeky sneaky this time. hahahahaa. I had a rough time trying to figure out what part of the photo you didn't paint Turns out you painted the whole thing.... Nicely done

Funny Denim Art

Denim Art
On May 20, 142 years ago during the Gold Rush years, Levi Strauss designed and made blue trousers from strong sailcloth with pockets strengthened by copper rivets. He called them "jeans" and designed them for miners who were complaining that their cotton trousers were tearing too easy. Miners liked the jeans so much that Strauss immediately founded the first company to manufacture the jeans. This is how blue jeans were born as we know them. To celebrate the 142nd birthday of the blue jeans, add jeans to any works of art (paintings, drawings, statues, etc.) one way or another. You can also use other clothing (skirts, jackets, hats, etc.) made from denim. Let's show that jeans were popular through all the history of mankind. Many thanks to GarRobMil for the themepost.

Funny Cell Phones in Art

Cell Phones in Art
As people are rapidly changing their cell phones for latest models, our life is becoming more and more "mobile" - the mobile internet and apps replace the good old computer with software. We are so attached to our cell phones, that we no longer imagine our lives without them. Let us imagine how mobile phones would change people's lives if they were invented and used since centuries ago. Photoshop cell phones used (any way you wish) in the famous works of art (paintings, statues, or frescos). The themepost provides a good example (many thanks to retral).

Funny Eyeglasses in Art

Eyeglasses in Art
The first eyeglasses were invented and made in Italy around 1280, and while their popularity grew, the first artwork that depicts sunglasses appeared only in 1352. It was a portrait of Cardinal Hugo of Provence at his writing desk, painted by Italian master Tomaso de Mondena. The reason why eyeglasses were very rarely used in portraits was that on the design side they were quite bulky and ugly. It was not til the 19th century that eyeglasses became stylish, modern, and popular so much that people liked to be photographed and painted with them. Let us show how famous paintings would look if characters there were depicted with eyeglasses (modern or antique). Please note that we focus on eyeglasses with lenses, not sunglasses. Please refer to the themepost example by Mundo.

Funny Plastic (Art) Surgery

Plastic (Art) Surgery
The Isleworth Mona Lisa was done by Da Vinci about a decade earlier than his famous Mona Lisa, so Leonardo painted the same woman twice in his life. "Isleworth Mona" has been the focus of a 35 years of research, which has been summarized in a 320-page book published by The Mona Lisa Foundation, a non-profit organization based in Zurich, Switzerland. Listing historical and archival records, scientific and experimental data, the book aims to support the theory that the painting is the original portrait of Lisa Gherardini del Giocondo, while the Louvre masterpiece is a later version, completed in Rome around 1516 at the encouragement of Lorenzo de' Medici's brother Giuliano. The authenticity of Isleworth Mona Lisa is disputed by many art experts, however. "Rather than an unfinished work by Leonardo, "Isleworth Mona" looks like a cheap fake version of Mona Lisa with makeup and plastic surgery", one blogger said. In this contest you are asked to do plastic surgery on famous works of art - paintings, drawings and sculptures - and give characters plastic surgeries and makeup. E.g. collagen shots, botox injections, hair transplants, nose jobs, face lifts, and brea$t jobs. Please keep your entries Safe For Work (if you are working with nude sources, put some bikinis on them, etc). Many thanks to vicspa for the themepost.

Funny Winter Art

Winter Art
Today, December 1, is the official end of autumn and the beginning of winter. Are you looking forward to lots of snow this season? To mark the start of winter, let's "winterize" any famous paintings by adding snow to them and adding warm winter clothes to the characters in the paintings. Adding snow is a must, adding winter clothes is optional. Many thanks to JimShorts for the themepost.

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