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Funny Art Pictures

Member reactions:

Its an extension to the pipe and the freaky eyelids were peeping out to see the innovation good job done

Surrealist art.Funny Surrealist art.
Member reactions:

Think now | Salvador Dalí, 20th century Surrealist painter St. Petersburg: Dali works from the Spanish National Collection on loan René Magritte "La Grande Table" venduto per 6,6 mln record di $ da Sotheby Surrealism seeps into 'Dark, Twisted, & Crunchy III' exhibit at Columbus' CS Gallery
Great collection of artifacts lovely work done very funny to see the Moustaches it creates humor for viewers Lot of work seen... excellent work done All the best .....
thank you very much my dear friend Rajeshstar. exact stock a lot of fun.
Very nicely done. Think about making the shadows on the table related to the color of the underlying wood instead of grey.
Fabolous very well composed his mustace looks very funny good concept.
I lost in this collection, you are a real artist my frnd, Amazing chop with fabulous bunch of Cristal work
Thank you so much. My buddy Eric........... Feel honoured....... for the compliment splendid.
Thank you kindly crusader234. Thank you very much gugulanul.
Thank you kindly.... My buddy BOULPIX.
Fantastic surreal art chop, PSM. Congrats on the gold.
Thank you so much Newsy. Grateful for the wonderful compliment.

Gothic ArtFunny Gothic Art
Member reactions:

Very funny and clever outcome from the Painting good job done

Art As Life or Life As Art?Funny Art As Life or Life As Art?
Member reactions:

Nicely done... Life imitates art far more than art imitates Life. ~Oscar Wilde~
Fantastic the source is turned as an art piece good thinking on this

street artFunny street art
Member reactions:

Interesting.... well done on the wall art
Out of the box thinking. Different, excellent work

Fine Arts, Music 101 - Fall 2012 TextFunny Fine Arts, Music 101 - Fall 2012 Text
Member reactions:

Great merge in this book cover and the Music strings really soothes the heart.... well done
Thanks. I was really pleased with the results on this one.

Member reactions:

Only if someone else is fighting it. He should have pulled the pins before juggling.
Pro War... good concept of telling the Art of War... like the grenades in the air.
Danger speech I guess he got attention

Art, mustache, surrealism, dreams,  DaliFunny Art, mustache, surrealism, dreams, Dali
Member reactions:

fifteen hours of painting twenty stock Salvador Dali There is one most famous artist who really took his imagination to the next step and beyond. This artist is, of course, Salvador Dali. Salvador Dali was born in Madrid Spain in 1904. He probably wasn’t the most well-behaved child as in school he interrupted his classes quite often. As he grew a bit, he began to draw paintings of his dreams. His dreams were rather scary, as were his paintings. Putting it quite simply, Dali took everyday objects and changed or modified them in some way. Salvador Dalí work on temporary loan to the Surrealist master's foundation in Spain DIA To Host 'Mustache Day' in Celebration of Salvador Dalí
maaaaaagnific ... the surreal is my favorite genre ... you did an absolutely superb job,
Super Thanks a lot....... bro....
thank you very much friend Amines. I am very happy that you like. I am very happy that all the friends that follow me. know how to paint step by step. WIP......
beautiful colors. great job on the painting and thanks for sharing stocks.
Phenomenon job And also thanks for sharing the skils
Thank you so much Ricketish. Happy to share.
..........Thank you kindly..... my friend Balodiya...... Mix it all together was very difficult .. but too good. Dalì love.
This is Amazing, excellent work done on each and every stock and lot of hard work seen here... excellent smoky effects and the Elephant with thinner legs were wonderful great job with the thinnest mustache also
......My buddy Rajesh☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆. Thank you very much. I am very honored of your complmenti. And happy that you like. love deeply your criticism..
EPIC.... :O I wish I could give this entry 11 on 10..
superrrrrrrrrrrr Thank you very much Subhraj1t.......
I think it's safe to say Congratulations on the gold.
U are master,and this entry has the quality, Lovely work done
...........Thank you very much. my friend Eric...... I am very honored. wonderful compliment
Thank you kindly BOULPIX........... My Buddy.
Beautiful work PSM … especially on Dali … love it. Golden Congratulations.
Thank you very much my friend Billy.......... I am very attached to classical painting. Salvador is one of my first oil reproductions on canvas .. I also love René Magritte, a painter very elegant ....
top del top del tooooooop mister mandrake... le faccio le mie piu' sentite congratulazioni per il suo magnifico oro... hihihihihihihiiiiii... grande frate' ...
....Thank you very much Newsy......Marvelous Complement.
Grazie molte Fratè............... Dalì mi ha ispirato

Street ArtFunny Street Art
Member reactions:

Dang.. it's so hard to concentrate with my twin brother over my shoulder just nagging and nagging.
Well done to create a twin brother to help
This is great, standing position is perfect, nicely chopped

Another great work of artFunny Another great work of art
Member reactions:

Dogs don't care too much about art, do they.
nice one like the art and the color pebbles near to it
Good work very nice sidewalk art, well..Who let the dog out..

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