Art studio of Child Andrew Warhol
Art studio of Child Andrew Warhol
Art studio of Child Andrew Warhol. Member reactions:
Its funny to see kid art studio different versions of George Washington in vibrant colors well done
Wood congrats, Wanderer. Great kid art spirit here.

Funny Expo Art

Expo Art
Member reactions:
Good work, nice reflection and wall painting in frame is good idea
Txs Eric, the reflection really was hard to do. But I think we learn each day, right.
Luv it. FN screen on the laptop is hilarious.

Funny Street Art

Street Art
Later on that night.

Funny Beauty in a Diner Digital Art

Beauty in a Diner Digital Art
Member reactions:
Nice ...but don't forget to credit your friend AKU
Great.... job done in this painting really a virtual beauty I hope it turns to be real
This... yet another new style from you PixJ. Inspiring work. One of my top 2 picks in this contest...Bravo.

Funny Dancing Woman Digital Art

Dancing Woman Digital Art
I could wax lyrical about this piece but if I did so, I'm sure I would be instantly deleted.
Member reactions:
Its a colorful treat for the viewers good job
After so long with the performance Lovely creative art work nice and original

Funny The Devil's Demise Digital Art

The Devil's Demise Digital Art
The Devil's Demise
Member reactions:
I would have never thought to use the paint drop/splash as a pattern for a torn torso. Great concept and application to the picture.
So creative and thoughtful, one of my fav
Excellent from the back But Might be scary from front. good thinking

Funny Man Painting Plane Art

Man Painting Plane Art
Member reactions:
Awesome chop... Nice beautiful and vibrant colors painted to the Flight great job done
Very clever concept and clean "paint job" here. Congrats on the bronze, suni.

Funny Hillary Duff Weave Digital Art

Hillary Duff Weave Digital Art
Member reactions:
Marvelous blinds showcase of Beauty in the form of threads and the stary sky behind gives a illuminating look to the whole chop wonderful job done

Funny BMW Vector Art

BMW Vector Art
Member reactions:
Nice.... BMW mix on the antique vehicle good one

Funny Strange Alien Digital Art

Strange Alien Digital Art
Member reactions:
Awesome pattern created .... great work on the Eyes and the teeth of the Beast good job done
Two eagles and teeth made this beast.. I was expecting source..since there is lots of stuff in it. I like it

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