Women Standing on the Side of the Road Digital Art
Women Standing on the Side of the Road Digital Art
Women Standing on the Side of the Road Digital Art. This picture was fun to do because the models are from different eras and I liked the contrast. mixed media

Funny Early Caveman Art

Early Caveman Art
Cave Art
Member reactions:
Excellent but excessive the statue. They weren't, of course not able to produce that kind of statue or even the table.
TY Rajesh and Luciano. It is a ludicrous commentary Luciano, an exaggeration of reality done in a refreshing realistic style you should greatly appreciate.

Funny Psychedelic Art

Psychedelic Art
This is a painting done by a famous artist, that has been altered who painted it.
Member reactions:
OK, It took me 45 min.s of Googeling to discover the Creation of Adam. Extra points for making me work for it.
Besides, After I figured out that it was just a Double Quad Flip with a full Twisting Gainer and a Half Pike at the end the rest was easy.
this could possibly a new type of contest
Is he holding a baby with a pointed head. Nicely done.
yes it would be a different theme contest

Funny In the Height of Madness Digital Art

In the Height of Madness Digital Art
Stumbled across this pic while doing some research, in 2010 my whole world was collapsing, well, it's about the best explanation I can come up with, as I can't remember creating this pic.
Member reactions:
Whatever you're taking, I want some, Bob. Very cool.
No need to be sorry Ricky,some pics click some don't.
Ditto what pcrdds said
Its got a meaning --- Witness of the disaster. Nice art
I am the opposite of RT, I love it. It sort of has a feathery , bird like quality

Funny Steve Martin Digital Art

Steve Martin Digital Art
Stephen Glenn "Steve" Martin (born August 14, 1945)
Member reactions:
Quality work. We should run a Martin 60th anniversary contest next year.
Another one very nicely done. Silver congrats.

Funny Leopard Digital Art

Leopard Digital Art
Digital art.
Member reactions:
Looks like this ladies painting flipped it & re-painted.
I'm not sure what you mean in your comment.

Funny Lorelei Sitting on a Chair Digital Art

Lorelei Sitting on a Chair Digital Art
Lorelei, mixed media
Member reactions:
Quite nice. Only her head could be a little bigger IMO.
Nice, though the face color differes quite a bit from that of neck, hand and shoulders

Funny Hulk Hogan Digital Art

Hulk Hogan Digital Art
Member reactions:
...and the wood. 3 out of 4 ain't too shabby. Congrats.
Stretchy Hogan . Woody congrats and that makes three trophies.

Funny DJ Devil and the Mushrooms Digital Art

DJ Devil and the Mushrooms Digital Art
Member reactions:
I would love to see in big version cool chop

Funny A Bit Deep Digital Art

A Bit Deep Digital Art
Presently, whatever meaning this pic has, it's buried a 'bit deep' in the subconscious.
Member reactions:
If you could suggest the meaning in this picture please.. I am lost here inside it
Looks like transparent big fish to me swimming from left to right, with some funky business happening inside
Eric, sometimes it takes months or years before I can link the pic to a meaning. Where this stuff comes from I have no idea and it's as though I'm divining my subconscious, hence the name of my book 'Divine Inspirations'.

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