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Funny Arrest Pictures

chris brown arrestedFunny chris brown arrested
Member reactions:
chris brown arrested THANKS FOR YOUR COMMENTS.
"THANKS FOR YOUR COMMENTS." What comments., I don't see any comments. Oh, Wait,,, This is a comment. In that case, Your welcome.
This is a comment for Gummy, sorry. ....
Chris is a serial troublemaker Decent work.
thanks jimshorts, disasterman,balodya,lucianomorelli,newsmaster
Generally the idiot impulse to be a punk A55 thug dissipates by 17. This guy just doesn't get it. Fine chop. Top 5 congrats

baby  crazy arrestedFunny baby crazy arrested
Member reactions:

baby crazy
Nice work shouldn't his head be behind those top front bars above the door ...
QT, this must be an illusionary OOB. Nice chop

Bill Russell Arrested At AirportFunny Bill Russell Arrested At Airport
Member reactions:
NBA legend, Bill Russell was arrested at the Seattle airport for carrying a loaded gun
Great composition of Bill here in this chop with all sophisticated weapons... good match with the news link
, Rosie is a MAN for this job, hahaha.
Thanks, raj. Thanks, Newsy...yeah, couldn't resist using Rosie's head. Her expression fit the situation perfectly.

Morsi Is Arrested And DetainedFunny Morsi Is Arrested And Detained
Member reactions:

Former Egyptian President Morsi is under arrest and being detained Source
humbling isn't it hahahaha. This is a great chop WTF.
Thanks, rajeshtar. Thanks, balodiya. Thanks, eric. Thanks, HH. Thanks, Tim. Yes, humbling is right. You got me.
LoL not me, you won Doc, I was referring to BFs supersized "BIG" Bigfoot towering over you.
Thanks, Newsy. You might be the only one who noticed the walls.

Lindsay Lohan Arrested AgainFunny Lindsay Lohan Arrested Again
Member reactions:

Lindsay Lohan is arrested again for punching a woman
You hit the nails on their heads with this chop and this news.
Excellent representation of the chop with the news link faboulous chop done and lovely way to put the blood pipe in her mouth Yes she should get the anger management classes to put in control very good one
Many clever details here. the rat.
Cool chop, interesting stuff all around and nice work
Lol, funny and clever I love the rat, too. Silver congrats, Pcr.
Congratulations. Always funny-always precise.

Side Walk Arrest Funny Side Walk Arrest
Member reactions:

This one is fantastic like all the viewers facial expression like it good chop with it all the best

Protester George Clooney ArrestedFunny Protester George Clooney Arrested
Member reactions:

It was kinda funny seeing Clooney arrested . News Source
Good smoky work and like the light balance good work
I like the way he is staring somebody holding a Number plate and a cigarette puff in his mouth

Snoop Dogg ArrestedFunny Snoop Dogg Arrested
Member reactions:

Snoop Dogg Arrested for Weed in Texas Full View PLEASE It turns out, that the arresting officer was some bumbling, ex- National Guardsman, who had been volunteering as a state trooper. It's been reported that he was so starstruck by Snoop Dogg, that he asked for his autograph. The officer also asked the rapper, if he would introduce him to Charlie Brown, Lucy, Linus and the rest of the gang
Awesome. Just heard this news on the radio too. Very timely.
and remember how he publicly announced that he's quit weed, and even did some public service ads ads to help young people stop smoking weed. Well, it surely did not last.
Now he might have to sing a song to the judge like Willie Nelson did when he got busted in Texas, .... Love this one .
He's a singer, . Oh bye the way great job.
T Y gentlemen. . . . and yes Newsy, it's hard for some to say never to MaryJane she's such a flirt.
Just another average day for the Snoop Dogg. Great looking chop.
Excellent...a lot of work went into this one.
what did you do with his eyes. Bush expression is so coool. You remind me of Bob Marley's.. La la la la LongssSS
Willie Nelson in the windshield is a great touch. Congrats on winning a close one.
Super work, super funny....that's why it's gold.
Many thanks to all, It's quite gratifying to have one's work accepted in such a wonderful way from such talented artists as yourselves . . . CHOPPING CHEERS to EVERYONE at FN
a fantastic gold... for a fantastic graphic-artist... congrats for the win...
is that willie driving the bus....awesome job here

Picasso Thief ArrestedFunny Picasso Thief Arrested
Member reactions:

San Francisco police arrest Picasso thief suspect

Man Arrested at Airport with Baby Animals in LuggageFunny Man Arrested at Airport with Baby Animals in Luggage
Member reactions:

Man arrested at airport after baby animals found in luggage
Just shoot the low-life Puke. Nice job HIDDEN.
Awesome work. I always enjoy your chops, MD.

ArrestFunny Arrest - Photoshop this arrest image (click to download) any way you wish. Examples may include changing the people in this arrest image (dressing them in different clothes, substituting other figures), placing this arrest group into some environment, movies, paintings. These are just some ideas. You have 3 days to submit your entry. Submitting it early will give you plenty of time to read the critique comments and edit your image accordingly. Many thanks to Michal Zacharzewski of Stock Exchange for providing the source image.

Snoop Dogg ArrestedFunny Snoop Dogg Arrested - [ Snoop Dogg was arrested in Stockholm, Sweden on suspicion of possessing and using illegal substances. The police found a stash of illegal substance merchandise in his car, while Snoop and a female passenger were under influence. ] See how politically correct and unnecessarily long the news reports have become these days? In the 80s this news would be reported as: "Snoop and a hooker got high." In this contest you are asked to photoshop anything connected to Snoop arrested or any of his crimes in the past and future. Show Dogg living his life as a bad boy in photos, "wanted" posters, arrest records, magazines, and paintings, etc.

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