Arnold smokes battery
Arnold smokes battery
Arnold smokes battery. Member reactions:
This cigar is freaking rechargeable too. Excellent work
Really nice work. Congrats on the silver.

Funny Arnold Schwarzenegger Commando one of the stupid scene

Arnold Schwarzenegger Commando one of the stupid scene
Member reactions:
, Funny..... Congrats on the wood, Andrew
Reflection in glasses a nice touch, Wander. Congrats on the Wood.

Funny Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold Schwarzenegger's official portrait is hung after being touched up to hide ex-wife Maria Shriver's face
Member reactions:
Nice but some exxessive caricatures could produce big eadaches.
This is so good, I wish Arnie could see it, he would have loved it.
Cute. Almost a step too far but magic. Congrats..
Thanks all. Yeah Tim, I was pushing the envelope on this one...There's a fine line between a good caricature and a total flop...I guess I managed to pull it off but just barely. But if I don't push the limits I won't know how far I can take the next one.

Funny Arnold's Son Is Dating Miley Cyrus

Arnold's Son Is Dating Miley Cyrus
Patrick Schwarzenegger is reportedly dating Miley Cyrus Patrick's parents are not very happy about this.
Member reactions:
Top 5 congrats. That is starting to really mean something more these days. Lots of fun little perks down to the kid picking his A55
Angry Arnie on the right over the statue is a hoot. Congrats on top 5 too.

Funny Arnold Big Dog

 Arnold Big Dog
Member reactions:
Great but I would increase tattoo transparency.
Cool beans. the tattoo.
I got the no comment memo, but gonna say fantastic piece of work anyway hahaha.. Great Job
Thanks Champ, Doc, Newsey, Luciano, Balodiya and Rajesh. Doc, I was clueless, I like it, few mistakes,, pleasant enough. All we can do is our best and see if everyone else thinks so too. So I did three hahahahahahaahah

Funny Governor Arnold Without a Nose

Governor Arnold Without a Nose
Member reactions:
, It was the only side profile source I found of him that I figured might work. It came out super freaky if you ask me

Funny Noseless Arnold Schwarzenegger

Noseless Arnold Schwarzenegger
Member reactions:
Cigar looks like is leaning out of the mouth
Pretty funny Wanderer. Yeah you might have cropped a little cigar revealing teeth clenching the cigar but it still is really funny the way it is

Funny Arnold Schwarzengger Cast in Upcoming Hunger Games Movie

Arnold Schwarzengger Cast in Upcoming Hunger Games Movie
Member reactions:
Great edit...

Funny Arnold Schwarzenegger in Escape Plan

Arnold Schwarzenegger in Escape Plan

Funny Arnold Schwarzenegger Goes Senile

Arnold Schwarzenegger Goes Senile
It was only a matter of time
Member reactions:
Hmmmm now I am confused, I thought this one was yours. TY There is a whole lot of hand drawing and texturing in this one my friend
Admirable Caricature done on his face and body.... Like the work of eyes and the teeth... they are hilarious and his stitches on his chest... funny good chop overall
Awesome. The lil skeleton critter on Arnie's shoulder is cute and kinda scary at the same time I would not want this thing sitting on my shoulder looking at me with these poolball eyes
Love the floating face, great job as always and congrats on the win.
Brilliant caricature Hitman, congratulations for the silver win.
Thank you JS,Pat, Wanderer, Bob, Champ, Hobbit, PJ and Doc

Funny Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger
The "Terminator" Arnold Schwarzenegger is celebrating his 60th birthday today. It is somewhat strange to realize he is 60 already - just yesterday we have seen him in Terminator movies. Years ago Arnold had quit his acting career and moved into politics - he has been a Governor of California since 2003. "Terminator 4" is expected to hit the theaters in the summer of 2009. Ironically for many fans, "Terminator 4" will go on without Arnold. To mark the 60th birthday of Arnold Schwarzenegger, let's photoshop him in various ways. Examples may include placing Schwarzenegger into any movies, designing new sequel for him, Arnold's endorsed merchandise; or immortalize him in paintings or statues.

Funny Arnold Schwarzenegger's Endorsements

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Endorsements
Photoshop an advertisement with Arnold Schwarzenegger's endorsement or create a new product that uses Arnold Schwarzenegger as the spokesperson.

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