Lance Armstrong, Tour De France
Lance Armstrong, Tour De France
Lance Armstrong, Tour De France. Lance Armstrong, again touring France at age 47.
Member reactions:
Excellent work in the spirit of the contest.
Entertaining and awesome Lance lampoon. Congrats on the Silver, Splats.
Great work here again works perfectly
Well played Splat great idea and execution Grats
Congrats SplatShot on your win, really is Cute/Good.
Thank you very much Reggie, Hobbit, Fugit, and Cos. I tried a lot of different accessories on this guy. But sometimes... less is more. I am Happy you like it. (:

Funny Neil Armstrong Smoking on the Moon

Neil Armstrong Smoking on the Moon
Member reactions:
Smoke is not good for health on the moon....
This doesn't really represent a hoax, but no respect of security rules.
Smoking shortens your life 8 times faster on the Moon. (due to 8 times gravity difference)
Total vacuum, 280 degrees F. Smoking is the least worry Luciano, this chop expresses the hoax in an exquisitely simple picture. A smoke break taken between takes on a set ... Man, I simply can't make it any more refined than that . Thanks for the comments guys

Funny Neil Armstrong Getting a Ticket in 1969

Neil Armstrong Getting a Ticket in 1969
Member reactions:
Good but shouldn't the car model year be of the same era.

Funny What a wonderful world with Louis Armstrong

What a wonderful world with Louis Armstrong
Member reactions:
Lovely Louis Armstrong Tribute.Bright colors,gorgeous chop hidden
Great image. The woman looks a bit unsure about the guy. Are those her shoes pointed up.
Thank you andwhat,geriatric. Thank you,SteveGSQ. She is a little surprised, do not forget the lyrics: "I see friends shaking hands, saying how do you do They're really saying, I love you" ... ... and yes, those are her shoes ...
So beautiful.... lovely flowers with nice effect of lighting and the way the guy propose the girl is really heart touching
Freaking idea Looks very beautiful, Lots of color included. Great job done
Brilliant. I like what you did to sunflower too
Glad you like it, NewsMaster. Thank you.
Congratulations on the silver cup,what a gorgeous chop this is
Thank you andwhat,thank you Ariel9. Multumesc mult Lucian ...

Funny Lance Armstrong Plane

Lance Armstrong Plane
Looking for new sponsor, since LiveStrong is not doing much advertising.
Member reactions:
Great thinking to create some Yellow Space for rent Offer open, waiting for bids great idea
Thanks. I was going for the commercial theme, as that was what I got out of the write up. I'm not sure if it is too subtle, but can you see the Livestrong logo being painted over.

Funny Despicable Lance Armstrong with Minions

Despicable Lance Armstrong with Minions
Lance Armstrong Doping Admission Leaves Us Deflated
Member reactions:
Amazing work done on Lance.. His caricature look gives a different view with a syringe in one hand and cycle on the other potriates the strength of having drugs to win Lovely thought

Funny Lance Armstrong Driving a Morris Minor

Lance Armstrong Driving a Morris Minor
What. Me look for an unfair advantage. NEVER. And I'll sue anyone that suggests it.
Member reactions:
Nice job... well done in the color change and the wordings on the body

Funny Lance Armstrong Posing for Calvin Klein

Lance Armstrong Posing for Calvin Klein
Member reactions:
Awesome work, very clean and clear(calvin&Klein ) idea. super chop his head is perfectly placed.
Only this left for him to endorse after giving everything in penalty as fine and court dues he left with Calvin&Klein stuff to show off Well done in this chop... Nice idea
with all the steroids he might not fit the job .. nice work.
Many thanks for comments Geriatric, Suni, Ericnorthend, Rajesh, Pree glad you like my work.
Thnak you for congrats Ericnorthend, Geriatric, Newsy

Funny Lance Armstrong Coffee

Lance Armstrong Coffee
Member reactions:
Ha ha ha very well said.. ArmStrong perfect ad for him
Well said.... A strong Arm is needed to blend the strong coffee Armstrong is the perfect model to endorse that strong coffee Like the concept of showing the power of arms in that table
I like the concept, silver congrats Black.

Funny Lance Armstrong and a Big Rooster

Lance Armstrong and a Big Rooster

Funny Lance Armstrong Endorsements

Lance Armstrong Endorsements
In a 2.5 hour interview with Oprah, Lance Armstrong confessed that he used doping and steroids to win Tour De France 7 times. The interview will air on Thursday and Friday on The Oprah Winfrey Network. Lance is stripped off the Tour De France titles, and asked to return the prize money. Sponsors, who paid millions of dollars to Armstrong for his healthy image trough the years of his sports career, are not amused and may file charges against him. Armstrong still gotta make a living somehow, especially to pay for the big legal fees he's facing, but his only source of income in the last years has been ads and endorsements of products. Now that Armstrong went from hero to zero, what sponsors, people, and companies may hire him to endorse them or advertise their products? Who will (or definitely will not) sign ad contracts with Lance now? Show the probable and most improbable products and services (or even people, and countries) Lance Armstrong may (or may not) endorse now.

Funny Remembering Neil Armstrong

Remembering Neil Armstrong
Neil Armstrong's first step on the moon made him famous, but his "one small step for a man... one giant leap for mankind" immortalized him. August 25, 2012, America, and the entire world, lost a great man. Neil Armstrong passed away at the age of 82. Here are some interesting facts about this great man: * Neil Armstrong was a retired naval aviator when his he was chosen to be part of the second class of astronauts. * During the Apollo 11 mission, the Russian newspaper Pravda called Neil "the czar of the ship." Command Module Pilot Michael Collins found this very funny and insisted on referring to Neil as "the czar" for the rest of the flight. * Neil enjoyed playing golf. * Neil Armstrong's famous "one small step" moon landing line was referenced by Pete Conrad, the commander of Apollo 12. Conrad was several inches shorter than Armstrong, and when he first stepped onto the moon, he exclaimed, "Whoopee! Man, that may have been a small one for Neil, but that's a long one for me!" * A crater on the moon is named after Neil Armstrong. To pay tributes to the first man on the moon, photoshop Neil Armstrong any way you wish.

Funny Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong
Sports icon Lance Armstrong is turning 40 this Sunday. Lance received his first bicycle as a birthday gift at age 7. Later, the young Armstrong would ride all day - eventually peddling all the way into Oklahoma - when he called his mother to come pick him up for the ride home. Many years later Lance got a nickname "Tour de Lance" since he has won the Tour de France so many times (seven times to be exact - the highest number this prestigious trophy had been won). Here's our favorite quote from Lance: "Life is short: It is better to win." To mark the upcoming 40th birthday or Lance Armstrong, Photoshop him any way you wish.

Funny Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong
Lance Armstrong's cycling career is now over. What will Lance do now that he has all of this time? Who will take his place as the next world cycling leader? Create images of post-cycling Lance Armstrong or images of celebrities, politicians or other sports stars that you think might take his place wearing the coveted yellow jersey!

Funny Lance Armstrong Retirement

Lance Armstrong Retirement
What will Lance be doing once he retires? Will he move to another sport or will he select an entirely different career? Your mission is to show us where Lance will be once he retires from cycling!

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