The Arm Wrestling Match for Civil Rights
The Arm Wrestling Match for Civil Rights
The Arm Wrestling Match for Civil Rights. Seemed like a good image metaphor for the civil rights struggle.
Member reactions:
there more you look, the more you can see how clever this is.
Good one but heads dimensions differ a lot.
WADR lucianomorelli if that's problematic for you, that's a subjective view and really not constructive criticism. I plan on reversing the emphasis come Lyndon Johnson Day.
The heads are OK if you look at the perspective. Lyndon Johnson is leaning back if you look closely.
I think the emphasis is the message. Great message delivered via no frills chopping That is how we used to chop before we got spoiled by all the bells and whistles hahahahahaa Hey, once in a while even spoilers like me throw in the basic chop.... just because
Hitspinner AzureSky Actually I have a Martin Luther King plugin effect, and a Lyndon Johnson photoshop brush I bought in Tokyo from a street magician.
congrats on a good chop and a top 5 position, mr buckle.
Many thanks to all. I forgot to mention the photoshop action for civil rights demonstration.
You did it very well Swashbuckle. We can all learn a lot from you
Gosh AzureSky, that's extremely kind. All the talent on FN is awesome.

Funny Michelle Obama Eating a Zombie Arm

Michelle Obama Eating a Zombie Arm
Letís Move

Funny Horse Biting a Mans Arm

Horse Biting a Mans Arm
horses revenge
Member reactions:
I don't know why but this picture makes my mouth water and my arm hurt at the same time. Good Chop or should I say Chomp. Ouch.
This is the last bite not for the Apple but for the Arm

Funny Cher with a Broken Arm

Cher with a Broken Arm
Member reactions:
Nice little tooth lost and the Hole with the dreaming crazy thing happening is great idea
ha ha so all the persons who beaten her made their signatures on this bandage really funny the Broken tooth makes here more pretty to look

Funny Fish with Arms and Legs

Fish with Arms and Legs
Member reactions:
Would eating this make you a semi-cannibal.
Really Hilarious good blend of Hands and Legs.... the most funny part is its Teeth and Eyes I am not a cannibal i wont eat it
Yikes. I'd hate to see that running out of the water chasing me on land. Freaky..
Laughing my arse off.... this is real freak work I haven't expected this is the upfront freaking
Silver congrats, Doc ... I see it's been brushing it's teeth
Thanks, everybody. Those actually are dentures, Billy Mac.
Thanks, G-Man. I think this was caught in Washington state.

Funny Super Arms

Super Arms
Member reactions:
Now Superman turns as a Super Arms good idea to include him in new Marvel MOvies
More information or Epitomize required for this Special arms Let the world know about his unknown powers :L


Member reactions:
So Pole turns as a Weight Lift.. and the its easy to lift than to jump

Funny If Kim Kardashian pumps up her arms?

If Kim Kardashian pumps up her arms?
"Did somebody say my butt is too big. Let's discuss that one on one out in the parking lot, shall we."
Member reactions:
ohh good ..,,might balance her out
yea... she has a huge body .... she can do anything can discuss anywhere well face merge

Funny Well-Armed Super Athlete

Well-Armed Super Athlete
Member reactions:
Really nice job in changing her clothes ...
Excellent... great chop with this source all hands busy and awesome job with shadow also
Very smooth Chop you did Paul with the way you put everything together , Silver Congrats ....
Congratulations Dr. 'C'. Each FN member has a "Tell" displayed by their artistry and yours is the timeless necessity of life,i.e., 'Humor'. I, always, manage a smile after viewing your entries. Well-done.
Thanks, everybody. Yeah...I have a "Tell," G-Man.

Funny Armed and Dangerous!

Armed and Dangerous!
Member reactions:
Terrific Poster and the funny missile behind not blasted

Funny Short Legs, Long Arms

Short Legs, Long Arms
Hollywood is obsessed with long legs, which are considered a standard of beautiful figure. That's the reason we often see celebrities wearing high-waisted pants and skirts, which create an illusion that their legs start higher. For the same reason short shirts, jackets and coats are favorite in Hollywood. Let's not allow Hollywood fool us any more with their visual tricks - photoshop celebrities and politicians with really short legs AND long arms.

Funny Celebrities with Long Arms

Celebrities with Long Arms
The classic theory of evolution tells us that Neanderthal men had very long arms which they inherited from monkeys. The long arms allowed to masterfully climb the trees and swing from one branch to another, they were used as an additional support in walking, and they allowed to get an edge in close fights with predators. Show how celebrities and politicians would look if they still had long arms (like their ancestors) Here's a good example by Mundo. Please use human arms only (preferably from the same source as your celebrity "victims"). Do not use arms from any animals.

Funny Arms Reduction

Arms Reduction
Turning another page in US-Russia relations, Presidents Obama and Medvedev discuss the arms reduction pact, where both countries will agree to cut down the arms production. The new pact will be signed by December and will replace the old START 1 arms reduction treaty. Let us show how Freaking News supports arms reduction - Photoshop celebrities with short arms.

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