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Funny Armor Pictures

ArmorFunny Armor
Member reactions:

Excellent poster design... good merge with the Iron Man Shield
Congrats on the bronze, JojjE. Clever work

1st Armored Handicap DivisionFunny 1st Armored Handicap Division
Member reactions:

Dragon Knight in ArmorFunny Dragon Knight in Armor
Member reactions:
Made with the middle knight armor and some distort
really beautiful voice, very well done, almost a render in c4d seems, lights and shadows, projected as a 3D perfectly in mental ray, good luck, this is my favorite.
Oh PSMandrake, thank you for the nice words and for comparing my image with that 3D tools... was made only with PS CS5
is in fact, I made ​​the comparison because it is fantastically clear. we see that photoshop is ...... used in a commendable, there is a clipping from work done with the pen
Dayum. Brilliant use of such a plain source.
A freaking beauty craftsmanship work from the source.
Congratulations Marksdesign, impressive work.
Félicitations Marsdesign. Travail magnifique .

Submarine in Armor Under WaterFunny Submarine in Armor Under Water
Member reactions:

by all, I assembled this submarine crazy ...... : D

Armored NapoleonFunny Armored Napoleon
Member reactions:

Hahaha, nice take on the famous painting.

Aliens in ArmorFunny Aliens in Armor
Member reactions:

Clean and falwless job done, nice concept to do with the alieans

Armored SoldierFunny Armored Soldier
Member reactions:

Cool chopping, who's the model. even better I like your work on the horned gremlin in the background
nice one anavrin .. congrats on the woody
Congrats Anavrin Looks like Yoda's halfbreed cousin,
Thanks all. The model was just a pic of some bald old guy. Lol.
Congrats on the wood, anavrin. Part of the winning proceedings should go to the model, .

Hummingbird ArmorFunny Hummingbird Armor
Member reactions:

Hamas Baby ArmorFunny Hamas Baby Armor
Member reactions:

Human Shields in Gaza
i'd say NOBODY wins wars anymore - but we surely know who the losers ALWAYS are
, cruel but very funny. May draw a little backlash. What a concept.
haha gotta say that's funny, the headline is fit for a jingle .
So wrong and so brilliant at the same time. Me likes a lot.

Armored ArmadilloFunny Armored Armadillo
Member reactions:

Knight ArmorFunny Knight Armor - This Friday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Photoshop this image of three knight stand (image credit Ben Hoyt) any way you wish. Some examples are - making these three knights perform some stunts, using their armor in design of other devices, re-crafting their medieval armor to make suits for more people or animals, designing a poster with these three knights, putting this three knight stand into some new environment, movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas.

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