Ironman Armor
Ironman Armor
Ironman Armor. Member reactions:
Excellent poster design... good merge with the Iron Man Shield
Congrats on the bronze, JojjE. Clever work

Funny 1st Armored Handicap Division

1st Armored Handicap Division

Funny Dragon Knight in Armor

Dragon Knight in Armor
Made with the middle knight armor and some distort
Member reactions:
Oh PSMandrake, thank you for the nice words and for comparing my image with that 3D tools... was made only with PS CS5
Dayum. Brilliant use of such a plain source.
A freaking beauty craftsmanship work from the source.
Congratulations Marksdesign, impressive work.
Félicitations Marsdesign. Travail magnifique .

Funny Submarine in Armor Under Water

Submarine in Armor Under Water
by all, I assembled this submarine crazy ...... : D

Funny Armored Napoleon

Armored Napoleon
Member reactions:
Hahaha, nice take on the famous painting.

Funny Aliens in Armor

Aliens in Armor
Member reactions:
Clean and falwless job done, nice concept to do with the alieans

Funny The Emperor Penguin in Armour

The Emperor Penguin in Armour
Member reactions:
Freaking Awesome and detailed works Full View is a MUST
TYVM Benzibox, Jim, D-Man, Kellie, Musicalnote, Geriatric and Sassyfras.
This is Freaking Awesome. Brilliant Work. You got 10
Thanks for posting the sources. Great colours and work.
haha hes fantastic,, ready for any battle fitting a penguin.
thanks Krrish, jester3, preemiememe, Newsy, and pcrdds..
Tops on the win, one heck of a great job on this one. Congrats on a well deserve chop.
Creative tack to this contest. Nice gold.
Great concept, great light, great everything.
, what did I miss here, Super grats Emperor X
Everybody have to bow to the Emperor. GREAT work...congrats on the gold
This emperor is a conqueror and wins the gold. Congrats Chaos.
Thanks Hits, Ivan, Oldman, Salis, Sunshine and Newsy... LoL Sunshin3 and Newsy.
Didn't you win the last Penguin contest, Kudos X nice to see ur wk around again.

Funny Armored Soldier

Armored Soldier
Member reactions:
Cool chopping, who's the model. even better I like your work on the horned gremlin in the background
nice one anavrin .. congrats on the woody
Congrats Anavrin Looks like Yoda's halfbreed cousin,
Thanks all. The model was just a pic of some bald old guy. Lol.
Congrats on the wood, anavrin. Part of the winning proceedings should go to the model, .

Funny Backwards Armour Covered Pelican

Backwards Armour Covered Pelican
Member reactions:
Thumbs up, creatively funny and skillfully rendered...
You should get an award for most colorful. I love it.
Well I voted it high since it's just about off the creative imagination chart and yeah, has those Funkwood colors. Didn't think this one could be beat.

Funny White Rose Suit of Armour

White Rose Suit of Armour
Member reactions:
A Stunning detour from the usual male-oriented Bot design-laying waste to the countryside. High marks.
uh huh.............excellent as always. and thanks for your input X-man.
congrats on the gold Xaos54, great chop.
Thanks all. appreciate your comments and votes
Congrats on the gold, Chaos. Impressive art.

Funny Knight Armor

Knight Armor
This Friday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Photoshop this image of three knight stand (image credit Ben Hoyt) any way you wish. Some examples are - making these three knights perform some stunts, using their armor in design of other devices, re-crafting their medieval armor to make suits for more people or animals, designing a poster with these three knights, putting this three knight stand into some new environment, movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas.

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