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Funny Armadillo Pictures

Member reactions:

I'd like to suggest you finish it all, the leg and head and ears, then use your dodge and burn tools to give it some dimension. Looking good.
funny...I assumed this was vicspa. Anyway, I also assume you did the praying mantis. Don't tell me, but either way, looks nice. If you did do the praying mantis, try a new technique/theme for your next one (if you do a next one). This is cool, but it could also get real old after a few pics in a row.
Funny I liked your first entry better - oh well good luck

Armadillo Playing a SaxophoneFunny Armadillo Playing a Saxophone
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every source photo bordered in black.. was shot by me its so hard to find good pictures..
Thankss Sunshin3,,rajeshstar,, and disasterman111
thankks crusader.. i was feeling like the 60's,, "
Congrats on GOLD, your works are awesome. Fantastic. (sorry my english).
i thought you might want to see it in ITS LARGE form,, BIGGGGG SIZEE
What a symphony of colors and chopping. Congrats on the gold, pree.
. Idon't have much time nowadays but works like yours keep pulling me back to this website, CONGRATULATION.

Mammoth Armadillo ElephantFunny Mammoth Armadillo Elephant
Member reactions:
source pictures
Preemie, you're the one...I love this chop. He's hilarious.
that's was really awesome try premm keep up the great works

B of A: Worth a Slice of Armadillo Pie?Funny B of A: Worth a Slice of Armadillo Pie?
Member reactions:

PIE ...111...1ELEVENTY...
Clean work, reminds me some old-time posters
Ya brought this together well, I like the "feel" of it.
You can find fast food in the most isolated places

Armored ArmadilloFunny Armored Armadillo
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ArmadilloFunny Armadillo
Member reactions:

Now I'll blend in with the oil spots on the road.
Innovative. Armadillo painted like a Rainbow.
if he could only find a bag of skittles to blend in with.
Very well done. alot of technical work I see. Great.....unfortuately for the little guy...Gamecock is correct. PMSL.

Armor ArmadilloFunny Armor Armadillo
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PFC King shows off his prized possessions - 1 million Iraqi dinars and a rare desert armadillo that saved his life when it ran between him and an insurgent sniper.

Armadillo Pulling a RickshawFunny Armadillo Pulling a Rickshaw
Member reactions:

These rickshaws must be from the South part of the country.
Hilarious concept. Thanks for the laughs.

Deer Armadillo Crossing the RoadFunny Deer Armadillo Crossing the Road
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...but seen as far North as Michigan.

Indonesian Armadillo KangarooFunny Indonesian Armadillo Kangaroo
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