Star Wars in `Raiders of the Lost Ark` movie
Star Wars in `Raiders of the Lost Ark` movie
Star Wars in "Raiders of the Lost Ark" movie. Member reactions:
Good one but you forget to cut a gray zone between the lrgs of the robot.
congrats Hits.c3po, seems to be puzzled by the strange choice in wardrope of han solo.
Thanks all. Straight chopping 101 and I tried to give it a authentic vintage poster appearance.
A real beauty, with perfectly fitting pieces. Congrats on Silver, Hits.

Funny Man Being Chased by Sharks After Falling Off the Ark

Man Being Chased by Sharks After Falling Off the Ark
Member reactions:
I like it too, a very clever concept. Artistic with drama.
Decent work, though the main credit here goes to the original author

Funny Russell Crowe in Noah's Ark

Russell Crowe in Noah's Ark
Noah Epic Awash In Flood Of Controversy
Member reactions:
Excellent. Love how you did the arch and the animals
Like the cage full of different animals together
Can't wait to see this. Great job GRM. I would love to see the sources. It looks like a lot of work but is hard to tell
Hits - Not a lot of work or manipulation on this one, mostly images from the movie stills ... see link below: Hits, you are the one who should be posting sources so we cam see how you compose those wacky, goofy gadgets, machines and robots you come up with.

Funny Paper Noah's Ark

Paper Noah's Ark
Member reactions:
Freaking hilarious. I'd make the boat from paper also, to complete this gem.
.... It just cracked me up when I saw this... I'm with newsy on the Ark it would would been really cool...
Good utilization of paper It's very interesting work
Nice Craft.... a very creative way to use the Paper and tried to bring out something very special good to see all the wild life and a boat appears from waste good chop like it
Excellent job and very nice edit... Congrats on the Bronze

Funny Noah's Ark with Pitbulls

Noah's Ark with Pitbulls
This is dedicated to my sweet pitbull girl,sabrina.And to all the pitbulls that have suffered so greatly,by the hands of man.
Member reactions:
I like your picture, but the dogs and the angel seem to sit on the grass in an unnatural manner. Perhaps it would help if you placed shadows under the dogs.
Amazing shadows to all objects and contrast /lights with all these Dogs

Funny Raiders of the Lost Ark Pictogram Movie Poster

Raiders of the Lost Ark Pictogram Movie Poster
Member reactions:
Yes I probably saw it when it came out at the movie theater, which shows I am old
Nice way to represent the film through pictograms like the characters of Animals in that ship

Funny Rocket Man Taking a Giraffe to the Space Ark

Rocket Man Taking a Giraffe to the Space Ark
Member reactions:
should i remove the beam ores. or make them lighter .
The beams are distracting...seem out of place with the rest of the pic. That's my 2cents. Knockout work.
Lady Rocketeer sure looks familiar...hmmmmmm.
thanks carl3 that was my gut instinct too...
Nice creativity, combination of animals and space .. never seen in my life
Congrats. But what I can't stand is the person who gave you a 1.....anyway. I love it.
I love the beam on...........never mind.....Nice work.
Very creative and beautiful, I love the giraffe Congrats on the bronze..
Je suis bien d'accord avec ce que dit Carl. Je suis nouvelle sur le site et j'ai tout de suite constaté ces anomalies de votes. Bref, c'est un jeu....Bravo Preemiememe .

Funny The Unicorn Missed the Ark

The Unicorn Missed the Ark
Member reactions:
Awww this entry makes me feel sad...
Me, too

Funny The Ark

The Ark
Member reactions:
, i just upload and find you upload first

Funny Raiders of the Lost Ark Movie

Raiders of the Lost Ark Movie
This should be an easy one.
Member reactions:
Raiders of the Lost Arc.. But I like Baba's answer better..
Popeye cracked me up too, but you guessed correctly Mundo.

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