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One word for this pic"FANTASTIC"..🛸
Nice Work. The little girl reminds me of Drew Barrymore in the movie Firestarter.
Thanks Hobbit Ha I see that Splat and Thanks
Captivating image and a treat, Cosmix. Great job with the many source layers and congrats on the Bronze.
Lots to look at. Like a candy store. Congrats Cos.
Hopefully this won't happen when they go raiding area 51..😁..really amazing much to see

Funny Bill Clinton Cleaning High Security Area

Bill Clinton Cleaning High Security Area
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Funny Cessna Crash at Area 51

Cessna Crash at Area 51
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The background source used here is non-stock DeviantArt image Alll non-stock sources from DeviantArt are forbidden, so please edit asap to us e an alternative background source. Thanks you.
Are you serious . I got it off a free wallpaper site.This is ridiculous.I spent a lot of time on this, and it was not credited as a Deviant Art background.Its making it impossible to use any wallpapers or chop anything anymore.These wallpapers are all over google and are on free wallpaper sites.I don't know how to change out the background,just like that.I did a lot of work on this background.I am getting really depressed about this,cause I know not to use DeviantArt.I don't know what I can do with this chop.I guess it will be deleted If I can't figure anything out.This is just so depressing for me.
I covered up most of the background myself.There isn't even much of the original background showing.
Give me a little Time newsmaster.I got to figure out how. To fix this.
redid background,hope this is not DeviantArt in disguise again.
Thank you for the edit. You see, sometimes wallpaper sites take content from other sites without authorization and make wallpapers with it. Unfortunately this was such a case. If you saved your chop as a PSD file with all the layers, changing just one background layer would be very easy. So, if you used photoshop, please save your work as a PSD file too, not just as JPG. This way it would be easier to edit in the future AND you will not lose any image quality in the process.

Funny Mitt Romney Visits Hurricane Flooded Areas

Mitt Romney Visits Hurricane Flooded Areas
Romney visits flood victims
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LoL well done, he looks like he's got it all sorted
Congratulations; this has to be a Winner.
Very interesting work, good reflection and cute face merge
Excellent work done on this floody scene, this is one of the election stunt to lure the voters.... good job done in putting him on the boat with Beers, mugs and more gifts for the flood victims... great job done
pcrdds..... funny funny and crisp and clean work too.. congrats...

Funny Barack Obama Visits Area 51

Barack Obama Visits Area 51
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Hahaha nice work (but why did the shadow of the burger is chicken...)
It is chicken, bluestriker. Darth Vader's yedi mind tricks let us see the burger.

Funny Area 51 Alien Ship

Area 51 Alien Ship
I used a variety of source pics for this, the trash can lid made up the flying saucer.
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LoL funny.

Funny Bike Hazard Area Road Sign

Bike Hazard Area Road Sign

Funny Monty Python Taunting Area Road Sign

Monty Python Taunting Area Road Sign
AHHH, I just love Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
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Kna Kna Kna Kna Kna (in best taunting voice Thanx for the laff.

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