Lawrence of Arabia
Lawrence of Arabia
Lawrence of Arabia. Member reactions:
I honestly bet on this one. There was some grain and focus matching issue but the overall effect... nicely done, HH. You brought your A game

Funny Death of King Abdullah in Saudi Arabia

Death of King Abdullah in Saudi Arabia
Prince Salman inherits the throne and all of its perks after the death of his beloved half-brother King Abdullah. News Story Sources
Member reactions:
This one is over the top, love it, the oil drill on the top of crown is fantastic. Obama will be by your side soon.
Fascinating details. Do the flowers have a meaning.
I recognise the Paradise flower and Iris. Orchids and Jasmine.
I am not sure if the flowers have a meaning, but they were in a room with Prince Salman originally. Now I will have to research it.
Paradise flower = joyfulness, Iris = royalty, orchid = luxury/beauty, jasmine = grace
I dig the "Golden Oil Rig" atop his crown.
Superb caricatures. Just a point. I don't think in those countries they have ever seen one dollar bills.
Congrats on the win, want to see more of your work, you're doing good girl. Love it.
Thanks, everybody. by the way, I figured using US money was ok since we give them so much money for oil.
Well earned silver coolkat85. I expect The King has gone to romp with 72 virgins in Paradise. Yes the Arabs do deal with US dollars.
Impressive piece, kat. Huge news chosen, challenging topic, yet you chopped it splendidly. Congrats on the silver.

Funny Woman Driving In Saudi Arabia

Woman Driving In Saudi Arabia
Women are not allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia and face arrest if they are caught do so.
Member reactions:
If this is the typical Saudi beauty, I agree.
of course this another Dr. Chuckles presentation.

Funny Saudi Sudz Beer From Saudi Arabia

Saudi Sudz Beer From Saudi Arabia
For those who don't know, the man featured here is Jonathan Goldsmith, better known as the "Dos Equis Man."
Member reactions:
Hilarious... like the camel with goggles good one
They can drink in public, but under a burka.
Okay-that has to be one of your most poignant chops. Congratulations.
Okay-that has to be one of your most poignant chops. Congratulations.
Thanks, Newsy. A case is being shipped to you.

Funny Peter O'Toole in Arabia with Blue Eyes

Peter O'Toole in Arabia with Blue Eyes
Member reactions:
He looks awesome in this avatar... the desert guy with a peaceful background is really a very cool place

Funny Strangers in Arabia

Strangers in Arabia
FreakingNews Arabia فريكنك نيوز العربية صلاح...باول...كيري...ديزاسترمان DisasterMan...Keri...Paul...Salis ......You r soo Cool Guys the script in the pi is"freakingnew arabia....welcome" Hala Wa Merhaba"
Member reactions:
Oh I am again. Once again, I'm flattered, hidden. .
"Okay, where is the Lox & Bagels tent. I'm famished."
FN Arabia.... Love the attire of all our FN Members... looks great.. Especially DMan
Hillarious. My bro salis looks good

Funny Saudi Arabia Tourism Advert

Saudi Arabia Tourism Advert
Member reactions:
There are still places there where no man has been before. :|
Yeh it is a cute source pic, like the wordplay though.
Congrats jeremix. great comedy here. love the chop. enjoy your bronze.
Yo, thanks guys. Had my money on the Afghanistan chop though.
Great job jeremix... This one just cracked me up... Congrats
Good work and funny concept. congrats Jeremix

Funny George Bush Playing an Oil Board Game with Iran and Saudi Arabia

George Bush Playing an Oil Board Game with Iran and Saudi Arabia
Bush sees no quick fix for high gasoline prices ... Image Sources
Member reactions:
Brilliant concept and even more brilliant integration of several sources. I like the cold color pattern you have chosen. The chop is also very news related. Hats off for this work.
Bronze Oil for Jest3r. Great to see you enter again - what a comeback chop.
This one has a nice feel to it, well done.
Congrats Jest3r He who play with no oil end up digging hole.
Congrats on a brilliant bronze. Love the chop.
congrat's on the bronze ... Cheers Mandrak

Funny Come to Arabia

Come to Arabia
Third entry, want to win this time. Comment on it please (helpful)
Member reactions:
Where's that speech bubble pointing to, is he talking out of his arse. (sorry, but it made me laugh)
Very funny, the guy is probably an arsehole....

Funny Ben Stiller in Arabia

Ben Stiller in Arabia
The sequel follows the original cast in a remake / parody of Lawrence of Arabia. Here Polly is taking a swim with the crocodiles in a convenient oasis.
Member reactions:
, make sure you look who's in the front boot Full View shows it all

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