Queen of Arabia
Queen of Arabia
Queen of Arabia. Cultures mixing cause weird results. I present, the Queen of Arabia.
Member reactions:
This is hilarious and horrifying at the same time..
Nicely done but Liz isn't really American
Haha. I'm glad she opted for those electrolysis treatments years ago.
Holy $#*. She's beautiful.
a bit to "british mixing" for my tastes. contest states it is specifically the US... Otherwise nice work.
, thats just loooks great. Unfortunately a tad too british.

Funny Donut of Arabia

Donut of Arabia

Funny George Bush Toasting Saudi Arabia with an Oil Can

George Bush Toasting Saudi Arabia with an Oil Can
Ode to Saudi Arabia with a toast.
Member reactions:
try to do more on the cropping and source image
nice try, but it would be very hard (impossible for me) holding that oil can without dropping no even one oil drop from the can.
find some more good image and execute it with an OOB entry. but still you got an idea.
Good selection of the images is important for a good PS chop. The selections need to be clean for your picture to be believeable.
It was kinda hard for me to find a goerge bush picture with him holding something plus,I've just started photoshop.
Don't get discouraged. The meaning of apprentice contests is to learn from the comments. Hang on and you will become better and better.

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