Little Angela Merkel Helping Arab Immigrants
Little Angela Merkel Helping Arab Immigrants
Little Angela Merkel Helping Arab Immigrants.

Funny Arab Mona Lisa

Arab Mona Lisa
Member reactions:
Brilliant blending - Mona looks totally real here.
Thanks my friend
One of the best, if not the best, Mona Lisa's I've seen.
Silver congrats, hidreley. Very nicely done.

Funny Experience The Arab Spring in Egypt

Experience The Arab Spring in Egypt
Experience in full view.
Member reactions:
This looks amazing. I guess the vehicle is driving in reverse according to the tread tracks.
Ha ha ha Freaky catch SteveGSQ I was wondering why it looks different as a moving e-Gyp . Genius concept hidden and good work
thanks SteveGSQ and ericnorthend. Its parked. Driver threw it in reverse for a closer look.
Very innovative plant which is attracting the visitors to the country well done
Hahaha, super clever and well done. Congrats on the Gold, X.
I knew you would have to get in on this contest I was just waiting for the chop Nicely done and very funny. Congrads man
Thank you, rajeshstar, gugulanul, Newsy, crystalmhill, oldman, and Hits..
Thank you, Geriatric, Doc, Areil9 and penaplonk.

Funny Arab Wanted Poster

Arab Wanted Poster
Member reactions:
HA. Fire-up the pursuit Sandworm and apprehend this devious Villain. Nice work.
Freaky message on the bill..I am imaging his face with BLONDE Hair
Thanks Geriatric, Eric...I tried to said his wife want him back dead or alive because he had run with another woman on a camel
So Salis ran away with a Blonde hair woman what a funny thing he did Salis where were you .... Your wife is searching ... love the poster with half burn over the edges and Lovely message I like the Reward
Thank you Rajeshstar, Suni glad you like it.
Multumesc mult Lucido. Thank you Boulpix, Pcr, Geriatric
Salis always runs away on his camel, . Congrats on the wood, Sun.
Yes, of course but this time with a blonde girl . Thank you so much Newsy

Funny Arab Pieta

Arab Pieta
Does The 2011 'Photo Of The Year' Look Familiar.
Member reactions:
Fantastic job done, nice and clean work showed off like your idea
Nice work crusader . . . nicely blended expression.

Funny Potential Dominoes in Arab World

Potential Dominoes in Arab World
Who's Next. A Tour of Potential Dominoes in Arab World
Member reactions:
Lots of good work here. Great idea, and nicely done. You do, though, have some angle problems with the text on the sides of the dominoes.
I fixed the angle problem on the text and the dominos.
Very clever composition. Did not see the first version, but the domino text looks good to me in this version.
seems real thing going to happen GarRobMil , cool work

Funny Arab Barack Obama

Arab Barack Obama
story original image
Member reactions:
Looks so real and so scary, it's awesome. If you want to make him look even more scary I would consider use snake(s) as the circles holding his head cloth
ty, good idea newsy. I'll see what I can do, if I find the time.
It's a parody JT, I'm putting obama in the shoes of the afghan's, to give us westerners a different perspective on things. jus' pokin' fun...
Well I got the message an think its a witty reversal and very well done. I got a similar comment. Takes the fun out of it if you have to explain the dam thing But, we do throw Western witicisms out that might just be too far afield of the rest of the world. Dunno... great chop, deserves a 9 for craftsmanship alone Cheers.. do well
thanks Hits, It's not always easy to chop a literal translation of an abstract news story, so it seams logical to use a parody to poke fun at or portray a message. News in pictures has always been one of the toughest contests to dream up ideas for, and probably one of the reasons for it's low entry rate...
Regardless of one's believes over the matter, it's a truly well presented piece of interpretation. Nice work, my favorite one.
Well, Lightlens, I guess you have to classify this image as an example of Poetic License on the part of the artist. Great job as usual hIDden.
Lol. Reminds me of your selfportrait as the evil officer.
Funkwood, I think you caught the real Obama. Great pic as always. CONGRATS..............This is just to real.
Chill, i ain't insulting any troops, hats off to the boys....look up the definition of parody lightens...u should lighten up I luv obama.... as long as he doesn't blow the world up, heheh. don't take this personal barrack, if your reading this...
Lightlens better worry about voting fair, since his karma reads 1.
Congrats 'F'...I love bad taste in Poetic License. It's what kept me alive during my time in the military; we had our own 'F' and he crossed every line he could through his Art but, not his mission. That's what it's all about: Freedom.
Congrats on Gold and on another fine piece Funkwood..
Brilliant handiwork Funky ... the best by far.
Great job, great humor, Being a troop once myself I don't find it offensive but I can sort of see how that could be interpreted. But yeah lighten up. You are a lot easier on Obama that I have ever been, D It's Satire.
You just don't get it, this site is supposed to be all in fun... chill out dude -Edited by Moderator on 3/30/2010 3:43:59 AM
What, what, and here I thought we were making such good progress. Lightens, hey, God bless ya that you have a smart enough head on your shoulders to express an opinion. But there-in is the catch. Often "Opinions" especially ones that do not fall in harmony with the subject or content of the chop are considered the kiss of death. And for the obvious reason in that it could rally others to dislike it too if a good point is made and thus vote lower. I have suggested in threads past that we keep the comments on a good news/fair weather level and try to stick to technical pointers and critiques and save the opinions for the forums where yeah, if it gets to the level of stupid and disruptive, the mods will toss it out like a shark in the bath-water. That all in mind, and a chop being such a personal expression of one's creativity as well as a plea for acceptance, you can't really be surprised if you get an owie response in return. But, you do have every right to your opinion as do we all. And of course the cool thing about this site is you can counter any idea presented here with a counter chop of your own Naturally, countering a Funkwood chop... well, you will have to be on your game but that's the fun of it. Perhaps you agree. Anyway, this is just a note to remind every one of us that we are all friends, we share a common love in spite of extraneous difference. We all cool. Be well mates
ty hits, couldn't have said it better myself.... I admire your verbal prowess.
Well, I meant what I said, political, theological or religious refrencing aside. Somebody comments on your chop by saying, "It would have been better if you made it blue" and 6 other voters go "Yeah, I hadn't thought about that, but I think so too," well, there may strike a few points off your chop that might have not happened if the opinion based on personal belief or taste was not submitted. I propose that such can be veiled attempts to minimize another's art in some cases and thus foul play. That is why I advise people to stick to technical critiques rather than risk the chance of being grouped in with those lacking sufficent confidence in their own stuff that they feel the need to minimize anothers work. This is rational, not confrontational stuff I am saying here for the benifit of us all. I'm not singling you out, just echoing my own thoughts and stating something that should have been said long ago. It's not the first time there has been a clash of what I see as minsunderstanding in the first place As for political affiliations, I just picked one blindly when I joined because I think they are all a crock. I see bull---- from every side and it makes me miserable. That's the price of having my friggin eyes open. You owe me a beer for calling me spinjob Now lets just make peace and frikin let it go hahahahaha this has kept me up and I want to sleep. I had surgery today and am...well, Schitt.. I can't feel a pulse... Laterz Peeps, sleep well
, luv ya bro... u r so enlightened, I'd like to spend a weekend and a few dozen brew with ya someday.
lightlens, this is a satire photoshoping site. If you cant take it, there are other photoshopping sites that don't allow political satire and stick to art-only topics. If you wanna stick around, please relax and respect the chops and opinions of others. We have been around since 2003 and Republican, Democratic, and Independent choppers compete with each other in the spirit of sporty competition. Whoever is the president, he gets chopped a lot, and it does not even mean choppers necessarily disapprove his policies. You can check our archives and see lots of Bush chops. However, hateful/attacking comments are in no way welcome, in fact they are a one way ticket to getting banned.
Extreme/hateful/racist images are also not welcome and are removed, as you have well noticed, even with your own disqualifications. We publish images that are generally acceptable in media/TV. Attacking members for their chops is not acceptable though.
and I almost forgot to congratulate Funkster with the win... Congrats.
Nice job FW, you have a way of capturing the creepyness in a subject. Must be all the Disney films you've watched as a child. Love it.

Funny Arab Donkey Pulling a Cart

Arab Donkey Pulling a Cart
Member reactions:
Good job, but the front legs may need stronger shadows

Funny Red Arab Oil Drink

Red Arab Oil Drink
Move over Red Bull, with Red Arab you don't need wings to fly.
Member reactions:
classic work here...reminds of my times...

Funny Arabs Crossing the Desert Under Helicopters

Arabs Crossing the Desert Under Helicopters
Jean-Leon Gerome Arabs crossing the Desert
Member reactions:
Nice image. You might consider flopping the helicopter so it's going the same direction as the ground forces. (Just a thought). Good job

Funny USA Owned by United Arab Emirates?

USA Owned by United Arab Emirates?
Take something the U.S. Government runs (Ports, the Postal service, FBI, CIA, TSA, IRS... anything the Federal Government is involved in) and create images showing what Arab ownership might do to it (e.g. Arab postmen and TSA, Arab FBI, etc.).

Funny Arab USA?

Arab USA?
Show what the United States of America will look like in the future, if the USA Arab population grows at the same rate.

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