Arabs Crossing a Frozen Desert
Arabs Crossing a Frozen Desert
Arabs Crossing a Frozen Desert. This is a new kind of chop for me...any suggestions are welcomed...thanks
Member reactions:
Nice work, and a funny idea. I would lighten those shadows a bit. (see the shadows on the trees in the background. can use that as a guide.
in my humble opinion shadows have to be more soft, nice integration

Funny Arabs Dancing on a Flying Carpet

Arabs Dancing on a Flying Carpet

Funny Arab Nancy Pelosi Camel

Arab Nancy Pelosi Camel
Member reactions:
Lips are amazing work but I guess eye could be bit clear just a suggestion
Nice idea but the eyes are very pixelated
I don't recognize what animal is, but I won't kiss it.

Funny Arab Terror Satellite TV

Arab Terror Satellite TV
In the War on Terror, we need to know our enemy and how they use satellite TV to incite support for terrorism. A case in point is Egypt's NileSat that was used to incite the mob which besieged the US Consulate in Benghazi and gave cover for the jihadi terrorist group which killed US Ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens and three other Americans. This same satellite was used to incite terrorism in Iraq against US and coalition forces.
Member reactions:
Please edit the entry and put the news link, as per contest directions.
Need the newslink Television, media and satellite proves boon to some and negative to others... its way how we use this need strong controls on how we deal with technology good chop in displaying pictorial views from all sides

Funny Ricky the Arab

Ricky the Arab
... if you know Ricky, you avoid him

Funny Arab Avon Representative

Arab Avon Representative
Member reactions:
Idea is good but low visibility for thema objects
I agree with lucianomorelli, but still a nice chop even it's hard to recognize the source image

Funny Arab FBI

Arab FBI
The new FBI Agents
Member reactions:
This reminds me of the time I had to visit a Saudi Arabian police station in Dahran and saw a cop behind bars for sleeping on the job. Check the (lack of) shadows under the hat brim
"Hi, my name is Ali Ben Ghaz-o-line, and I will be arresting you today"
A bit sharp around the added parts but a nice job with the cutting out.

Funny Arab penguins

Arab penguins
Member reactions:
A different idea for sure. Seems a tad odd to see the back of the bird on the right.
It is just the 'black' gown flowing naturally over the back. Tried to give it the hunched look.

Funny Arab souk

Arab souk
Dan goes backpacking and visits an Arab souk

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